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Pennsylvania UFO Sightings & Experiences Reports


12/2018 Kresgeville, Pennsylvania It was just before sunrise in the twilight of dawn and I was driving down Route 534 on my way to work when I caught something up in the sky out of the corner of my left eye. When I looked, I saw a massive object...
Details Cont'd: sitting perfectly still, in mid air. It looked like a small, rectangular building hovering in mid air - a bit like a condo apartment, but with no windows, doors, or lights. I estimated it to be about one hundred feet off the ground.

I stopped my car for about two minutes and just starred at it this thing, trying to make out what it could be as it was not moving, or making any sound. I rubbed my eyes thinking I was just tired, but I looked again and, sure enough, it was still there. I said, "What is that?" I stared at it for a few more seconds, but I was running late for work and decided I'd better get going and proceeded on to work.

The object never moved from that position and though I've looked for it whenever I pass by that location on Route 534, I've never seen it again. I still shake my head in disbelief with no answers. Michael C.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The eyewitness was unsure of the exact date, but was positive it was in December of 2018. Did anyone else see something around that time and location?

07/18/2018 Broadheadsville, Pennsylvania I was my way home from work. It was about 6 PM. As I was sitting on a hill in traffic on Route 209 going south, approaching Chestnut Hill Diner, I happened to look up and saw two objects hovering in the sky, moving...
Details Cont'd: dodgingly left and right. Both had what looked like bright headlights with a pattern similar to a grill on a semi truck. The lights were brighter than any conventional aircraft I have seen before.

I estimated these objects to be only about two hundred feet up. As I turned my head to follow one of the objects, I got the feeling that it was aware that I was observing it and it instantly seemed to react and retreat away from me, curving upward, as if to avoid further detection. At that point I started to think that this was some kind of drone, but at that time, the objects were huge and circular in shape.

Then the strangest thing happened! As I continued watching, one of the craft started emitting colored sparkles from the top, shooting out to each side. That's when the object's appearance began to change! As I watched the specs of light move out to the sides, two wings like an airplane started to form. Then it flew toward my left and formed a tail. As I continued watching the object, it now had the appearance of a black jet, complete with flashing lights on the wings. Then, it changed direction flying off to my right and out of sight.

I've never seen anything behave like this, or completely change its appearance while watching it move around in the sky. Has anyone else seen this before? Michael C.

06/05/2018 Sciota, Pennsylvania I was with another person driving through Sciota on Highway 209 south when we looked up and saw a object floating about three hundred feet up in the sky. It was sandstone in color. There were no lights, but it...
Details Cont'd: was shaped like one of those cruisers from Star Wars, strangely enough. I brought my vehicle almost to a complete stop and my windows were open. There was no sound and no visible propulsion. There were no jets and no propellers, or landing gear. The object hovered silently. It looked like a huge stone floating in the air and I was afraid the thing would come down at any moment and crush my vehicle. In addition, there was a somewhat "sinister" feeling to the experience. I couldn’t stay in the road to drive, so I decided to focus on the road and proceed on to our intended destination. I never saw that particular object again. Very strange, and I had never encountered anything like it in my life. Michael C.
EDITOR'S NOTE: The image to the right of this text is a piece of sandstone for color comparison. The same object described by the witness in the shape of an isosceles triangle, copper-colored, was also seen floating directly above our home office in Chuckey, Tennessee in November of 2019, less than a year and half after the witness reported seeing the craft in Pennsylvania. The craft hovered over the office for several moments before slowly moving off to the east of our position. There were multiple eyewitnesses who can substantiate the sighting. Click Here for the full account. Copper Colored of UFO

09/13/2014 Chambersburg, Pennsylvania At around 8 PM EST 9/13/2014 there were four red lights moving over Chambersburg. Three of them were in a pyramid shape and one was trailing further behind; this went on for three, or so minutes, after which they...
Details Cont'd: all vanished and something fell from the sky shortly after they vanished. These objects were unlike any aircraft that I have ever seen and did not move like any aircraft that would fly in that tight of a formation would. They were much to close for helicopters. Michael

08/18/2014 Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania It was approximately 10:30 PM when I took my two dogs out before going to bed. I was sitting on the front porch and both dogs were staring in an easterly direction. I looked to see what they were staring at and in the...
Details Cont'd: sky I saw what I thought was a plane. This object was traveling south. Then, in a split second, the object changed direction and seemed to have "honed in" on me! It was now going west, quickly getting closer to my location.

I ran into the house got my husband. When he came back out with me I pointed and said, "What is that?" He quickly dismissed it as a plane, as I did at first, but the object was now over our house. It then went straight up into the sky and disappeared into a cloud. I waited a little bit for it to come out of the cloud but it never did.

The object had multiple white lights, with what appeared to be a flat bottom with a tall "town" on top. It did not move as a plane would. Were there other sightings in Sinking Spring, last night? Valerie

1973 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania I had several alien abduction experiences while growing up. I was taken in 1973 at the age of three years old. My brother saw them and my father even saw them running down the driveway on one occasion. He thought...
Details Cont'd: a family associated with the 'mob' had moved in to the neighborhood and was afraid to tell anyone for fear of reprisals. He was a cop and in the army and still these things scared him. My mom thought that my brother and I wandered off on purpose to tease her in some way and she was mad at me until she died. In addition, she blamed my dad for what she felt was a curse that came to visit our family. Diane

12/05/1965 Kecksburg, Pennsylvania At around 6:30 PM, I saw a fiery object crash into a wooded area near my home in Westmoreland County. We called WHJB, the local radio station in Greensburg, to report the crash and radio station employee...
Details Cont'd: John Murphy phoned in the report to the Pennsylvania State Police Department. The Police then called me and arranged to come out to my home to investigate and WHJB's news reporter drove out with them.

The State Police, officers Carl Metz and Paul Shipco and Mr. Murphy went into the woods and when they came back, the officers were not forthcoming with their search details. They stated that they were calling in the military to handle the case. Later on, their "official" statement was, "The Pennsylvania State Police made a thorough search of the woods." They added, "There is nothing whatsoever in the woods."

It wasn't long before the military showed up, in force, at the State Police Headquarters. Mr. Murphy was already there continuing his investigation of the incident. While there, he overheard one of the officers involved describe a "pulsating blue light" out in the nearby forest.

By now, some of the people from the local area had heard about the crash and they went out into the woods before the military arrived on the scene. When they came out of the woods, they stated that they saw a copper-bronze colored, saucer-shaped object, nine to twelve feet in length, with a gold band around the bottom which had writing resembling Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The Military soon arrived and sealed off the area, banning all civilians from the scene. These few eyewitnesses were quickly whisked away when discovered by the military personnel.

That very night, local folks here observed a flatbed truck loaded with a large, tarp covered object quickly leaving town, escorted by military vehicles. Shortly after the departure of the flatbed, the military personnel left the search area.

For a short time, the military had set up their "headquarters" in my home and made several calls from my home phone number. When my statement came in the mail, there were no unrecognized numbers on my bill.

In the days that followed, the story had made newspapers, as well as the local television news broadcasts. It was long before the area was overflowing with people milling about wanting more information. During that time, we learned the object had been sighted in Canada, Michigan, and Ohio, where it was under some kind of intelligent control and made course changes before crashing near my home.

The Air Force's conclusion was that it was a meteorite, but meteors do not change direction. One skeptic even said that it was the Russian "VENUS" probe that had fallen, but this was denied by the American and Russian governments.

Shortly after the death of Mr. Murphy, who once again worked for the local radio station, WHJB, his widow publicly stated that her husband had photographed the strange craft, but that all of the snapshots had been confiscated by the military, with instructions not to discuss the incident unless he wanted to suffer severe consequences. Frances Kalp

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