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Tennessee UFO Sightings & Experiences Reports


06/02/2022 Blountville, Tennessee I was standing outside watching the storm come in and a dark object appeared from out of the storm. What was weird about it was that it sat completely still so I raised my camera to take a picture, but it then moved...
Details Cont'd: to the right, in the blink of an eye! As I started to try and video record the object, disappeared completely. Paul M.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The witness added that this is not the first Unidentified Flying Object he has seen from his residence in Blountville. In 2021, he claims that he observed a large, shiny, oblong object was in the daylight sky, just opposite of the location in the sky where I saw the one described in this report.

10/29/2020 Mooresburg, Tennessee My husband and I watched as many as five very bright lights that pulsated from bright to dim, growing larger and smaller. They moved slowly, occasionally stopping and would hover for about a minute at a time...
Details Cont'd: The lights on these craft would go from an orangish glow to red and then to green. As we stood watching, I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of a very bright light, much brighter than the rest. I couldn't form any words, only point, and my husband turned his head in time to see this huge orange light literally shoot across the sky. It was a windy and chilly night and I have a small child so I went inside after about fifteen minutes of watching all of this. But, what occurred next is what brought me to this site.

A little while later my husband is yelling my name from the yard. I ran out to see him standing there staring straight up into the sky. I then saw what he was starring at and it was huge black triangle that almost completely covered the sky above us. My husband and I agree that it had to be between five hundred and one thousand feet up. It had no wings or anything coming out from the aircraft. There were lights at every corner and what appeared to be rows of lights on the bottom of the craft which were not lit. There was absolutely no sound!

The slow movement seemed strange to me. It was as if the craft were gliding along very smoothly, too smoothly to be any kind of regular type of aircraft. It continued to sail above us across the sky and once it got off into the distance a little ways, the lights on the back of the craft almost seemed to explode. They grew significantly brighter as the craft moved farther away, moving off to the northwest. Amber S.

08/2020 Chuckey, Tennessee I’m not sure of the exact date and time, but it was around 11 PM. I was standing in my front yard, listening to the owls that were hooting in the distance, and looking at the stars. It was a clear, warm summer night without...
Details Cont'd: a cloud in the sky, which is unusual for East Tennessee in the summer. As I was looking toward the Northwestern sky at the stars, I noticed a black cylinder-shaped object moving across the sky. The object was moving from the northern sky and turning toward the western sky. It was not making any sound and was moving slowly but steadily across the sky.

The only reason I was able to see the object was because it was blotting out the stars as it passed in front of them, and then they would reappear after it passed. It appeared to be cloaked because all I could see was something that looked like a distortion field as it passed in front of the stars. The object appeared to be about fifty feet long and traveling about a thousand feet up in the sky. I continued to watch the object as long as I could until it passed behind the trees on the western horizon. William W.

11/10/2019 Chuckey, Tennessee At around 10 PM EDT, not sure of the exact date, I saw an object that was shaped like an isosceles triangle. It had three orange lights down each side in a V-shape. The skin of the craft was copper, or sandstone. The...
Details Cont'd: craft was less than one hundred feet above my house, motionless, and was seen by several eyewitnesses. Witnesses included my next door neighbors who were out in their front yard talking with some visiting friends.

The craft hovered over my house for several seconds at nearly a complete stop with absolutely no sound. There was no visible propulsion. No jet engines and no propellers. No glow, or heat signature, whatsover. There was no smoke, or fire. Just the orange lights down each side.

We don't have any estimate, or idea of how long the craft could have been hovering over our house before we came outside and noticed it. However, we did get a very close look at this craft as it was fully illuminated by our neighbor's huge security light.

The craft had absolutely no rivets, or seams to indicate that it had been 'assembled' in any familiar sense. It appeared to be one solid shape, as if poured out of a mold. The skin of the craft appeared more advanced than any aircraft engineering technology that I had ever seen before... and, in that sense, it looked quite 'alien'. I could not identify the alloy from which this object had been made, but it was definitely copper-colored.

After a few seconds, the craft banked upwards, just slightly, on the leading edge, and then slowly - very, very slowly, started to move due east of our vantage point as seen from the back porch of our home office.

There was an incredible sense that the object was being controlled by some type of an intelligence who knew that we were watching. And, I had the distinct feeling that they were observing us as well. This feeling persisted throughout the duration of the incident lasting less than one minute.

Sadly, there was no time to grab the phone and take a video, or get a picture. Something that after thirty years of UFO research I have regreted ever since. This has been the curse of experiencers for decades. Even if you have a camera, you don't think to use it when these extraordinary events happen. S.A. McGee

EDITOR'S NOTE: I was an eyewitness to this incident and the author of record for this report. I and another witness stood in awe watching the craft slowly move out of our line of site, low to the ground, beyond the tree line. As I write this report, it is now April 12th, 2024 and I still find that this incident has left me at a loss to find words adequate to convey the feelings associated with the experience. The image to the right of this text is an artist rendering of the V-shaped formation of orange-colored lights underneath, but does not propertly convey the appearance of the 'skin' of this strange craft.Isosceles Triangular UFO with Orange Lights

11/2019 Chuckey, Tennessee I don’t remember the exact date, but I’m pretty sure it was around 12:30 AM. I was sitting on my couch watching TV with my partner when I heard this rumbling sound like an aircraft flying over the house. I looked...
Details Cont'd: over at my partner and said, “Did you hear that?” He acknowledged that he did. So, I walked to my back door to see if I could see whatever it was that was making the sound I had just heard. When I opened the back door to see if I could see what it was, I saw three sets of red lights that seemed to be part of a larger vehicle.

The lights were the brightest and clearest color of red I had ever seen, much brighter and clearer than taillights on a car or lights on airplanes. The object was moving from the northwest to the southeast, not very fast, but fast enough that you could see the direction of travel. As the vehicle approached the mountain chain behind my house, which stretches about thirty miles to the east and a hundred plus miles to the west with peaks exceeding four thousand feet.

The vehicle dwarfed the mountains and appeared to be a city-sized ship cruising at an elevation of about five hundred to a thousand feet above the mountain tops. I watched the vehicle as it disappeared behind the mountain chain and out of site. To this day, I'm not sure what I saw; whether it was extraterrestrial, or military is still to be determined, but it was an unidentified flying object that did not conform to today's known aircraft. William W.

05/29/2015 Unicoi, Tennessee This partially transparent disc, or oval-shaped craft was photographed using a regular digital camera while doing some pictures of the property. No other image showed anything on the lens in the photographs taken...
EDITOR'S NOTE: before, or after this was recorded. The craft appeared to be under a cloak as it streaks across the sky over our heads. Nothing was seen with the eye, only by the camera. Even though no other images of the sky, or the property had this in it, we had the camera examined by a local photography studio and they could not find any issues with the camera optics to cause the phenomenon it recorded. Click on the image to englarge the frame. Stacey Allen McGee, Founder and Director, U.S. UFO CenterUnicoi Oval Shaped UFO May 2015

10/2012 Sparta, Tennessee My wife and I were traveling north on highway 111 when we saw a shiney object in the sky about one hundred and fifty to two hundred feet off the ground. This object had no wings, but did have a rear tail fin. We were driving
Details Cont'd: fifteen miles per hour and slowed down to look at it. It matched our speed until we went behind a group of trees about three hundred yards in length. After passing the tree line the object was gone. J. Delgado

08/20/2009 Johnson City, Tennessee 1st witness: Thursday, August 20th, 11-E headed east off Headtown Road, about four miles west of Johnson City medical center, big bank on corner, over mountain ridge, daytime, 4 PM, looking east, going south left to right,
Details Cont'd: on edge, disc, sharp edge, round all the way around, deep green color, color of mountain trees, going down the mountain on edge, roll to far side of ridge and go out of view, and come back, roll to the side down the ridge and then do the same thing again, two people saw the same thing, going very fast, "hauling butt", as big as a building lot, sliver of light underneath, large as a wal-mart store, aerial feats were something else, left turn headed east, turned out - not a blimp, right above the treeline, no tail, flipping and flopping all over the place, moving very fast. Mark Jones
2nd witness: Late afternoon, hovering over mountain range, at first thought it was a blimp, craft shifted from one side to the other, dark in color, green like the trees, rise slightly to show some sky under it, hovered slightly, moved side to side, wasn't a drastic tilt, appeared to hover over the trees, but could have just been that it shifted it's position enough to one side that you couldn't see any sky underneath it, bigger than an airplane, was driving, about five seconds, not just a flash. Becky Jones

07/20/2006 Erwin, Tennessee I was taking photographs on the south end of the Buffalo Mountain range near town. There were one hundred and six photographs taken of a heavily wooded area on the date indicated and only six of these had any...
Details Cont'd: portion of the sky. Three of the six pictures which showed only a portion of the sky - and not to put to fine a point on it, but that's fifty percent of my photos, documented what I would classify as either military, or super secret aircraft of "unknown" origins. Each of the craft had some kind of distortion field around them, most likely the effect of the electromagnetic field around the craft. This can be seen in the unedited photographs below as observed by the camera.

It should be noted that none of these craft, pictured below, could not be seen with the unaided eye and were some how picked up by the camera optics. The camera was apparently able to "see" between the 'ticks of the clock', as the field cycled around the craft. Furthermore, the magnetic field around these craft not only gives them the ability to defy gravity, but also effectively makes the craft invisible to the 'naked eye' without the benefit of faster optics to record the images.

It is my opinion, as an experienced observer, that while randomly imaging both the day and night time sky, further testing with fast cameras or other very sensitive optical recording devices, one may be able to prove this hypothesis. Those willing to experiment with this are encouraged to send your photos and reports for inclusion in our National, or Worldwide UFO Sightings Index. See the photographs which follow...

As you can see from these photographs, there is some kind of field distortion seen around each of the craft as you zoom in on the area of interest. Click on each image icon to view the larger unedited photograph as well as the enlarged subject and area of interest.Erwin Tennessee Disc UFOErwin Tennessee Triangle UFOErwin Tennessee Irregular UFO

12/31/2000 Unicoi, Tennessee It was New Year's Eve between 11:30 PM and midnight. I had just returned home to Unicoi from Boston, where I was working at the time, to celebrate the holidays with my family. On this night, now a week later, I was...
Details Cont'd: preparing to leave and was doing a bit of house work before going out to board a late-night bus bound for Massachusetts. I went to the back door to shake out a rug and I'm not sure what it was that made me look up. I've always been drawn to the stars, but that night I felt compelled to look at the sky. When I did, what I saw left me speechless.

Not more than two hundred feet above my home were several orb-like objects. They looked like glowing spheres about the size of basket balls. They were flying in formation, so rigidly that I throught they were part of a larger super structure. However, though I could see no stars in the sky between them, I also could not make out any kind of a body to the phenomenon I was witnessing. I've often described the object in private conversations with my friends as being visually interdimensional, with half in this world and half somewhere else.

I went and grabbed my 10X50 binoculars, ran out in the front yard, and tried to get a closer look at the objects. They were hardly moving at maybe five to ten miles per hour due east. I was actually working with American Airlines In-Flight Services out of Logan International Airport in Boston at the time and was familiar with the way aircraft are supposed to fly. Any type of known aircraft would have fallen right out of the sky due to the lack of lift.

There were no propellers, no jet engines, no smoke trails, or heat signatures. There was no known, or human-type propulsion system present, of any kind! And... there was absolutely no sound as the entire array of orbs floated very slowly, silently overhead!

The whole experience had an 'other worldly' feel about it. I hate to say it, but it looked like something right out of Steven Spielberg's blockbuster movie "Close Encounters", but even that does not do this experience justice by image, or by description! It was beautiful and unlike anything I have ever seen before, or since! This was certainly not anything made by Human hands. Looking back on the experience, the feelings with which this visitation left me could almost be described as angelic.

It should be noted that this particular New Year's Eve was the dawn of the new millenium! This event is what was happening to me as the clock hit midnight that night and when I next looked at the clock when I came back inside, it was now 2001. And, as a side note, I nearly missed my bus back to Boston that night.

In the days that followed - three days in fact, admittedly, I was not myself. I walked around in a type of 'daze'. Though I have tried to wrap my head around this through the years, the incident still fills me with wonder and awe at the mysteries which fill our Universe. God is truly glorious!

EDITOR'S NOTE: In my lifetime, I have seen many strange things in heaven above and in the earth beneath, but I will never forget that night as it continues live on in my memory even now, these twenty four years later. And, as I make this report in writing for the very first time, it occurs to me that it is on the 30th Anniversary of the Founding of the United States UFO Information and Research Center. Stacey Allen McGee, Int'l DirectorUnicoi Tennessee Orb UFOs 2000Unicoi Tennessee Close Encounters 2000

07/1993 Hartsville, Tennessee In the Summer of 1993 I had an experience with what I believe to have been a 'anti-magnetic' field anomaly. It was while I was traveling north of Lebanon on US Highway 231 about two miles north of the...
Details Cont'd: intersection of Highway 25. This location would be only about eight miles from Hartsville. I had just crossed highway 25, driving a small one ton cargo van with a magnetic mounted Citizens Band Radio antenna on the roof when a loud frightening 'popping noise' occurred. I thought that someone took a gun shot at my van and pulled to the side of the road to inspect for damage. The only thing that I found was that the antenna was then dragging the ground outside the passenger side door. I then drove back to the spot where the anomaly occurred looking for low hanging wires but found no reason for this occurrence.

I did not think too much more about it until one year later, during the Summer of 1994, when my nephew took my cargo van to Atlanta, Georgia. Upon returning he informed me that he was going to have to buy me a new CB Antenna because it had fallen off and the base was broken. Imagine his shock when I told him that this was the exact place where my incident had occurred! He was even more surprised when I asked him if the 'popping noise' had frightened him as much as it did myself one year earlier. Ed

EDITOR'S NOTE: It should be noted that although this incident reportedly happened several years prior, the Hartsville Radio Station (WJKM) had reported to the US UFO Center strange phenomena occuring in 2001 that may be directly related to this incident. The incident actually resulted in the death of local wildlife in the same area where this report had indicated. Click Here to read the full account submitted by WJKM Station Owner, Ted Randall.

06/1976 Elkton, Tennessee On a trip back from West Virginia to Florida, returning from seeing my mom in the hospital, it was late around 11 PM and while driving through Tennessee going south on I-65 I had an experience I'll never forget...
Details Cont'd: An extremely bright light that reminded me of a locomotive train light appeared just behind me about fifty yards from my car. It followed me at the same pace I was driving, around 60 MPH! Its movement was so strange. It didn't fluxuate with the contour of the road and I took notice there was no sound.

I wanted to alert my wife, who was sleeping beside me in the car, but I felt controlled. It was almost as if I was in a trance, or experiencing some kind of hypnotic mind control! It was as if I was being forced to keep my focus on the road and look straight ahead. I even tried to take my foot off of the accelerator, but I could not do it. I continued to think again, and again that I should wake my wife, but couldn't manage it. The only thing I could do was use my eyes to look in the forward direction and glance at the rear view mirror from time to time. Again, I felt 'compelled' to keep track of its movements, as this was 'all' I was supposed to be doing at that moment.

I also noticed that my palms were sweaty on the steering wheel, but I couldn't take them off to wipe them. It felt like all of this was happening over a matter of hours and not minutes, as if time was standing still! I noticed that there were no cars in either direction during the entirety of this event. In fact, nothing else seemed to be happening until this bright light behind us gone. And, instead of moving off away from our car, it was just gone! There one second and gone the next.

When I was able to make movements with my body the first thing I did was move my head then wipe my hands off then I stopped the car on the side of the road got out and looked all around including the night sky, this caused my wife to wake and you can only imagine what she said when I told her of this occurrence.

However, we were back from where ever it was we were, as I noticed that cars were now driving past us in both directions. Did time actually stop? Anyway, the years have passed and from time to time I try to take myself back to that experience and ask myself, "Why me?"

I have never felt comfortable talking about this subject, even to this day, but it seems like a lot of people are coming forward now with their own reports. I have had many reoccurring dreams which started from my early teens of flying in some sort of craft. I remember always looking down at the terrain and cities as we were moving and I distinctly remember being asked if I wanted my family to go and I always said no, only because either I feared for their safety or maybe I knew it was not my choice to make. I thought I was never going to return again.

After this episode my life completely changed. It steered me into the defense electronics world of repair. I began traveling to far away lands. And, sadly, this all led to the eventual divorce of I and my first wife. I now live in Cairo, Egypt and view out my window is the Great Pyramid. Darrel

09/1958 Hampton, Tennessee I was a Sophmore in High School when this happened late one afternoon. I'm not positive of the date, but it was a nice day with a few clouds around. I and my cousin were sitting in the yard of our home watching traffic...
Details Cont'd: We were located at the corner of what is today Railroad Street and Rittertown Road. While looking east, my cousin spotted it first and asked, "What is that?"

I looked up and saw a large, circular craft, gray-silver in color, approximately one thousand feet off the ground. It was below the clouds and descending at a slant from right to left. I've often described it as having a shape similar to a "round aspirin tablet with a side". But it was huge! I would have to say that it was probably a third the size of the mountain it went down behind. We could see a little of both the bottom and top of the craft from the angle where we watching this. The craft made absolutely no sound and there was no smoke trail.

After it disappeared behind a large mountain to our left, I went to school the next day and several people were talking about having seen it. There was a story circulated that the newspaper over in nearby Bristol detailing a story about a craft of some sort crash in the mountains near there.

Apparently, several people went into the woods to investigate and spoke of smelling something like sulfur in the air. There was also a report of someone seeing a "little man" up in a tree. But, Bristol is in the exact direction the craft was headed when we last saw it! I have never forgotten the incident and wondered if anyone else saw it. I don't believe that our government has that kind of metal flying craft now, let alone in the 1950s. Anonymous

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