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North Carolina Alien UFO Research and Investigations
North Carolina Alien UFO Research and Investigations
Interview and Article Presented by Contributing Author Alan Caviness

Alan Caviness 2008

The following article is an interview with North Carolina UFO and Paranormal Investigator which shall remain annonymous and includes investigations of the supernatural and of the unexplained. The topic examined during the interview was UFOs and Alien Visitation in North Carolina and elsewhere on the planet...

Introduction: UFOs, USOs, abductions, interstellar, and/or earthly conspiracies; are they real or aren't they? Those are the burning Questions. They form the big issue. Countless television shows air almost nightly these days, and on just those subjects. And of course, I no less than anyone else, am deeply interested. I want to know!


Question - For the benefit of our readers, could you give us a brief background about yourself with regard to the whole UFO phenomenon, and how it relates to you in an overall capacity?

Answer - Yes. I'm 55 years old, have 10 years active military service, have always had an interest in aviation, in both a professional capacity and recreational capacity, a strong interest in Astronomy and space travel and have been familiar with the sky for most of my life. When I was in my childhood, teens and twenties, I had a few strange, puzzling experiences that I retained in the back of my mind that later I confirmed to be of a paranormal nature.

I first learned that UFOs might be real at age 12 when a friend of mine showed me a library book on flying saucers. I immediately became interested since I had a general interest in outer space. Because of one particular "indoor" incident in my twenties, I knew without doubt that a paranormal world of some kind existed but I understood very little about it and continued on with my personal life like most people do. I did not know if it was related to "ETs". Despite many years of stargazing with a powerful telescope while in my 30's and early 40's, I saw nothing unusual in the sky that could not be explained by my overall aviation and astronomy experience. But, in the mid-1990s, things changed. I tracked a definite unknown craft in space through my telescope. Later, I filed a UFO report with the Mutual UFO Network. But, due to distractions in my personal life, five years would pass before I could return to this matter and try to figure out what I saw through my telescope.

In 1999, I watched a series of documentaries on TV that clearly showed home video of the same type object as I had seen in 1994. Craft of this type had been witnessed up close by many people in Belgium in 1989 to 1991. My sighting had occurred in the United States in early 1994. Many of the European witnesses described the objects in detail helping me to confirm what type of object I had seen hundreds of miles away in my telescope. These were the well known "Belgian Triangles"—large 300 foot black triangle-shaped craft. For me, this absolutely confirmed the existence of unknown spacecraft. I immediately began serious investigations into the phenomenon. I felt there was no choice. I had to know what was going on. Unknown spacecraft weren't supposed to exist. Only months later, I began having sightings.

The occurrences of these sightings told me that whoever the operators of these vessels were, they knew who I was. This suggested a connection of some kind with something probably not human. The sightings seemed not to be random but intentionally arranged for me to personally see. Later, I began to associate with other UFO investigators and witnesses. It all snowballed from that point down to this very day.

Ironically, I discovered my own home area in central North Carolina to be a haven for any investigator looking for UFO sightings. I somehow developed the ability to seek out individuals who had experienced UFO and other paranormal phenomena and developed a backlog of local cases, as well as not-so-local cases from some of my travels.

I now have over seven years experience investigating unidentified flying objects and have accumulated much more evidence than I would have ever dreamed when I started. I can also add to my credit many personal experiences of various kinds that I had not anticipated in the beginning. Although I work as an independent UFO investigator, I am certified by the US UFO Center.

Question - How does being certified help or work as an advantage for you? Can you give us a brief description of what it takes to be certified as an investigator? Do you think it is something most of us with strong interests in UFOs should do—that is become qualified investigators?

Answer - It is hard to have solid credentials when one is working independently of any organizations. So, having a US UFO Center field investigator ID does help whenever credentials are desired. However, USUFOIRC requires an investigator applicant to pass a comprehensive written examination. The knowledge obtained from this course of instruction is invaluable and serves as an excellent framework from which to build a strong foundation for further learning. I think that anyone can contribute to this field of research if they become a field investigator or a researcher. This field of research is one of the last remaining areas of study that is not overrun with other individuals all trying to find their niche. Only a small fraction of the overall UFO activity ever gets reported. This means that there is much discovery yet to be made.

And I can tell you from experience; even a novice can make important discoveries in this field. It is wide open and will always be. Of course, it is not very easy to simply strike out on one's own. Finding others who are actively engaged in the research field is one's best bet.

Becoming a member of the US UFO Center is an excellent way to make contacts. However, work is where you find it. And I have managed to do quite well on my own. But I believe that the operators of some of these vessels are working with me in subtle fashion allowing me, personally, to learn more and more about their existence, as if they want the human race to become aware of them, gradually. I feel it is my job to satisfy my own curiosity then share what I learn with all who are able and willing to accept it. I am not interested in engaging skeptics. I have found them to be unable to fathom anything "outside the box" of their cultural conditioning.

Interestingly, I find that skeptics are in dwindling numbers. And, I think that this shows how times have changed over the past few decades. People seldom chuckle at me when I look them in the eye and tell them I am a UFO investigator. In many cases, they are thrilled to meet a real investigator and usually have a few questions for me.

This field of research needs more investigators. And I have found that independent investigators find more work than investigators who are regulated by structured organizations. I do not feel that structured organizations have made as much headway in UFO research as they could have over the past 60 years. It looks to me that they have been moving at a snail's pace. The main reason for this is that they are always trying to beg an arrogant science community to take them seriously. And the science community never takes them seriously. UFO research organizations to this day have not figured this out. They're being strung along.

And the science community does not rank as an ultimate authority in my book, anyway. They pride themselves on clinging tightly only to the hardest, most concrete data, yet they place it on top of a floating layer of assumption. Once that happens, none of the hard data is of any value for Mankind's enlightenment, but, it works great for developing practical technologies that can give us more creature comforts as well as the ability and likelihood that we will blow ourselves to smithereens.

I honestly believe, and based on the evidence I've seen, that the science community will be the last group of people to accept the truth about UFOs. Average laypeople these days can now access modern technology and make credible discoveries without having to fool with the science community. And, to me, a layperson with a good photograph of a UFO from the field is more valuable than a member of an organization with a written report in their hands that will end up in a black hole database. An independent investigator can have more flexibility and get just as much recognition, these days.

I do not have time for the science community. They can catch up with me whenever they feel like it. But, I'm not staying in their traffic jam. Eventually, the people are going to realize that they cannot trust the science community any more than they can trust the government. They will eventually realize that it is not in the best interest of the authorities to let the people know the truth about UFOs.

And do the authorities, themselves, know the real truth? The human authorities are full of deception, the alien beings are full of deception, and the alien beings are fully capable of controlling or seriously influencing the minds of any human beings they desire, such as world leaders and scientific authorities. So, why should we trust the powers that be? That is exactly what manipulating alien races would want us to do. They are not interested in invasion. They are more interested in exploitation, if anything. Invasion is something that human beings like to promote. This is the human way but not necessarily the alien way.

The bottom line is this: if we wait for the science community to ever tell us that UFOs and aliens exist, the Sun would have burned out by then. It is pointless.

I also believe that independent groups can do more to promote the research. I think it is a bad idea and a waste of time to try to please the science community on the UFO issue. Just look at where they are on the UFO issue after 60 years. Hardly any farther along than they were 60 years ago. And, I think it is their plan to keep it that way. Remember, there are people at the top of the science community that will not allow much paranormal research of any kind to develop. And, there is evidence that they know about UFOs. Otherwise, they would be excitedly pursuing this matter as much as ordinary UFO researchers.

Plus, we are dealing with beings that have been here a long time, know us better than we know ourselves, can control their level of detection and have their own history that probably goes back hundreds of thousands of years or more. The scientific method is not going to outsmart these beings. Plus, the science community has not proven itself to be serious about enlightening Mankind's knowledge of the Universe. It has proven itself to be good only at developing new technology that ensures mankind will continue down the same old path it has always been traveling. The science community, like the religious community, is primarily in business to decide what humanity thinks and believes about everything, and generally control the behavior of Mankind.

It has been proven that there have always been people who do not want others to pursue and discover the UFO phenomenon. Enlightenment is always on the back burner of the science community's agenda. Spirituality is always on the back burner of the religious community's agenda. This makes no sense to me unless they are involved in hidden agendas of a contradictory nature.

I think that every man, woman and child should be concerned about the UFO phenomenon, mainly because someone is profiting in some way as long as they can keep the matter from the people of Earth. And it is hard for me to believe that whoever it must be would have our best interests at heart. It is important for me to point out that some beings might be genuinely concerned for Humanity and are trying to combat the efforts of any wicked beings. It could easily be the same "tug-of-war" that is well emphasized in the Holy Bible and other ancient texts.

Question - You have had a number of personal experiences with UFOs, visually. Which experience would you say is the watershed one—the one that convinced you of their reality? Could you briefly describe it for us?

Answer - It is hard to consider which one was most significant. But, the 1994 telescope sighting was the one that told me UFOs were real. I could never have said it with conviction until I had that sighting. It was a clear, prolonged sighting lasting for over two minutes. I could clearly see the object as if it was an airplane in a pair of binoculars, and yet it was at least a few hundred miles away. For those who may happen to not know, manmade satellites can be seen traveling across the sky as star-like points of light only because they are reflecting light from a low-angle sun.

They are best seen shortly after sunset and just before sunrise. I confirmed the mystery object to be in space when I watched it "dim out" as it reached the earth's shadow casting out into space in the eastern part of the sky where high-flying manmade satellites had been seen dimming out as they lost sight of the sun from their positions in the sky. The sun had set in my location almost two hours earlier. It was completely dark. To the naked eye, the object looked like a satellite but was very bright (due to its large size and reflective ability). In the telescope, I could count the object's running lights. This object was neither the Space Shuttle nor the Russian Mir Space Station.

At that time, I had no idea what a "Belgian Triangle" UFO might be. But when I saw a video of one in 1999 flying at approximately 2,000 feet altitude over Brussels, Belgium, I knew without question - that this was what I had seen in 1994. It actually worried me because I did not know who possessed this technology. And no one was going to admit to it. It could conceivably be an imminent threat, for all I knew.

Question - What would you estimate is the total number of visual sightings of UFOs or other paranormal phenomena that you believe you have personally had? And, is it still ongoing?

Answer - I just had a UFO sighting several weeks ago while driving at night. It is difficult to give a specific number since some of the objects I've seen in the past might have been UFOs but I didn't feel confident enough to call them such. One has to be careful. I can now say with certainty that I had a sighting when I was about 15 years old. But, I believe that this sighting involved an actual abduction, as well, and I believe my memory of the experience was mostly erased by the crew of the UFO.

However, I can safely say I have had "dozens" of visual sightings later in life. In 2001, alone, I determined 39 UFO sightings out of 145 objects tracked across the sky that summer. Many of the objects were manmade satellites, I'm sure. But some were not. A few "wobbled" rhythmically as they traveled across the sky while some actually changed course. These were definitely not airplanes, either. We think that the "wobblers" consisted of a small light attached to the outer rim of a circular, rotating object as it moved in a single direction creating a "sine-wave" pattern.

In one case, a light slowed down to let an airplane go across its path. This was a highly UFO-active region where residents had become experienced at watching for strange lights in the sky, and on occasion, solid, 3-dimensional alien hardware hovering about. Two weeks into that summer, I caught one ring of lights on film during UFO activity for my very first UFO photograph. The object showed up during a long-exposure of 10-15 minutes duration. None of us saw it. But, whatever it was, it was hovering in place for an undetermined amount of time while we were visually observing suspicious lights traveling high over our heads toward that very part of the sky. The ring of lights was well placed in the center of my photograph as if it posed intentionally for our team of field investigators to capture.

On a few occasions, I explored ghost phenomena with some of my field investigator colleagues and actually determined that ghosts were real when I experienced and recorded certain noises in a reportedly haunted building. The noises came out of thin air or from places where no human being was present. They had no logical sources, otherwise. But, my supernatural experiences seem to be confined to just the ghost hunting excursions. They did not seem to be connected to me, personally.

Question - What makes you feel that you have actually been "abducted"? What clues did you find that led you to this conclusion. Also, do you feel you have been abducted since?

Answer - I remembered looking up at an object coming over a tree line toward me and seeing three small lights spaced a great distance apart. Red, white and blue, if memory serves me correctly. Whatever it was, it was large, probably larger than a dirigible. Yet, it was completely silent. Dirigibles are very noisy. I was standing and straddling a bicycle on my paper route. I was 15 years old. Back then, I was a big aviation enthusiast.

Typically, I would watch ordinary airplanes fly over, sometimes all the way across the sky. I knew aircraft types and dreamed of being a pilot some day. Yet, this object had none of the traits of anything I had ever known. I could not see its body, only the lights. That was strange. It was completely silent, and that was strange. I only watched it for a few moments, cocking my head trying to figure out what type craft it was. But, then, when it got almost even with me and only a few hundred feet high, I suddenly became totally disinterested in it and looked back down at what I was doing. That was also strange for me. I looked over my paper route customer collections book I was examining and suddenly got the urge to just go home instead of banging on a few more doors to get folks to pay their weekly dues. That was the strangest thing of all, suddenly having no interest at all in the object.

As a matter of fact, I forgot about it immediately as if it was no big deal. Later, I did not understand why I reacted the way I did. And I still often wondered about the object. It didn't seem to make sense to me. I had just become familiar with UFOs a couple of years earlier and remember telling my mother the next day that I "might have" seen a UFO the night before. However, her reply was, "Why did you come home so late, last night?" I told her I didn't and that I came straight home early. She chuckled and insisted that, no, I did not. I was confused and felt something wasn't right about all this, but my mind seem "skewed" and I didn't want to dwell on it. I did file it away in my long-term memory, though, and wondered about it from time to time over the years. Back then, (in the mid-sixties) little was known about UFOs and almost nothing about "abductions".

All I knew about UFOs was from the Condon Report and a few other paperbacks. Now, I can see an abduction and "missing time" in this event.

Jumping forward in time... a few weeks after my very first series of field investigations ended in the summer of 2001 at a UFO-active property, I received a "gift" from the abductors that showed me without a doubt that abductions were real. I discovered fresh surgery on the center of my chest with a small, laser-thin incision in the middle of a "scoop mark" depression where tissue had been removed underneath my skin. I was impressed with the neatness of the work. I had never had surgery before.

I wanted to take pictures of it and remembered that I had film in my camera, but suddenly, I lost interest completely. However, my intellect then took over and told me to shoot pictures even if it was "against my will". I did, and I was glad. In 18 hours, the abduction-related scoop mark was completely gone leaving no trace. I had to guess at the focus with the old-style camera but managed to shoot 11 pictures before I couldn't shoot against my will, anymore. Two pictures appeared in focus enough to keep as proof that this really happened. I had been having a few "indoor" experiences earlier in the year and had tried to mentally prepare myself for any future contingency.

I was determined to let my intellect rule any time there was an anomaly. In this case, I reasoned my way around the subconscious instruction that was trying to make me leave the anomaly alone. My guess is that I have been abducted many times in my life. But I was now being allowed to know it for some unknown reason. Incidentally, I had no knowledge of when and where the abduction happened earlier that day. The memory erasure was very cleanly done. But, I was able to estimate by the rate of healing that the scoop mark (punch biopsy) was performed approximately early afternoon on that day.

I feel certain that abductions continue in my life. I know about them, now, and I guess that the beings see no need to risk possibly traumatizing me further, so I still have to search for clues. It can still be a scary thing to me if it happens to me, unexpectedly. And If I was to wait for an expected abduction, that would probably make me nervous then scared. Perhaps the abductors know what's best for me. I hope so. I do know that the abductors go to a lot of effort to ensure that we do not suffer. This is true in my case and almost everyone else I personally know.

Question - How many times do you think you have been abducted and at what point did you realize you were going through this?

Answer - First of all, I am not one of those people that wish they could be abducted some day. Because we really and truly do not know what we are dealing with and just who it is we are dealing with. When dealing with other intelligent species, with hidden agendas, it is not a good idea to approach things naively. I first suspected I was being abducted on occasion when I watched the 1999 TV documentaries and saw what abductees were reporting, how the abductors could actually manipulate the human mind and selectively erase memory or install a false memory for the person to take home and dwell on. They mentioned a condition called, "Sleep Paralysis"— something I thought only happened to me.

It looked to me as if there was no way to know if one was being abducted unless the abductors left clues for abductees to later find. They seemed to have virtually full control in deciding their level of detection by the human race. But when they saw that I finally knew of their existence in 2001, they not only gave me a chance to see a scoop mark they left on the center of my chest, they left me with a shirt that had a perfectly round hole in it the diameter of a jumbo drinking straw, right in the center of the chest.

Physical evidence, something they knew I personally wanted very badly. I could now look back over my life and realize that I had been abducted since at least age five. No telling how many times I have been taken since then. I have been able to monitor my clothes for new holes and have confirmed at least a dozen abductions just since I started seriously investigating in 2000. It could be that they and I are working together with each other but on a subconscious level.

With the human subconscious mind being so isolated from the conscious mind, I often wonder if we are not living "dual lives," one in the conscious realm, the other in the subconscious realm. We sleep roughly a third of our entire lives. Who knows what goes on when we are away from the conscious state. I do remember seeing a UFO in 2000. About 48 hours later, I went to bed, and before I fell asleep, I suddenly lifted out of my body, went straight up into the night air, had my memory erased of the events that followed, then remembered coming back down from approximately the same height above ground, settling perfectly into my body still under the covers. And, I had the impression I had been taken somewhere and shown some things, but what I don't know. Strangely, I had the distinct feeling that, subconsciously, I had experienced this before.

I knew little about "out-of-body" experiences at the time, but the odd details I did remember matched what I later learned about this type of experience from past researchers. It definitely happened. How I floated through the ceiling so easily is astonishing. I did not know that out-of-body abductions really occur. I had heard of this on an occasion or two in the past but had given it little thought.

There is so much we do not know about our existences here on Earth. One thing I now realize, though; large numbers of people are being taken, and many, many times throughout their lives. I dare say at least 10% of the U.S. population, alone. I realize that this is a staggering number. But almost everyone knows somebody that is getting abducted, and in most cases, the abductees do not realize it, at least not fully.

Question - As with most abductions, one of the burning questions is why? Why are people being abducted in such numbers and by whom, exactly? We'd like to know what your opinions on these questions are.

Answer - This is a very tough question. There could be a thousand different reasons, or there could be only one single reason. The problem here is that they do not want us to know what they are doing to us. Dr. David Jacobs, a pioneer abduction researcher who has earned my greatest respect, made this claim and could not have hit the nail on the head more effectively. No matter what abductees and contactees are told by some of these beings, Jacob's statement has been proven time after time. One thing is for certain; massive numbers of human beings are constantly being taken without their knowledge and are being monitored and/or tampered with then put back in place as if nothing at all happened, the human being none the wiser in most cases. The huge number of abductions means a very huge program being conducted.

There is no doubt that we are being "tampered with." And, research shows that they are tampering with us, genetically. From early on, people were reporting aliens on board vessels showing a strong interest in the human reproductive systems of both males and females, extracting sperm and ova from the abductees. I would imagine our DNA would be the most useful resource alien beings could find in us. They could take samples of our tissue and possibly clone armies to fight wars on other worlds; they could create large populations of human slaves without us ever knowing about it.

They could be mixing human DNA with that of other life forms creating new hybrid creatures. They could be slowly evolving us into something they prefer. Perhaps they are slowly changing us into them. Or, they could be benevolent and are simply improving us, genetically, changing us to better adapt to our environment for our own sakes. Who knows? There are so many possibilities. I just don't like the idea that the fate of the entire human race might rest in the hands of beings that are lesser than God. The evidence does at least allow for this, in spite of our long-held religious teachings (which I must declare smell of alien influence).

I now look at the first four verses in Genesis 6 quite differently with what I know, now. I have seen these advanced craft. I have had experiences involving beings outside my realm. Why does my Holy Bible not spotlight this aspect of human existence here on Earth? Something is not right.

But, I do believe that our fate possibly resting in their hands is one of the strongest reasons we should all be concerned and want to get to the bottom of this alien situation that has been so carefully masterminded over the centuries. The evidence to date tells us that the UFO phenomenon is by no means a strictly modern-era event in history. And deception is their greatest tool.

Question - Do you feel there is a specific reason for you, personally, having been abducted, and if so, what is it? Or, do you think it is just a random thing they do, rather like random sampling of a population? Or, is there a specific reason they pick people such as you?

Answer - The abduction program runs down through family lines. It's generational. I have confirmed this, myself, with most of the abductees I have had the pleasure to know, though I haven't confirmed this with my own family, yet. Other researchers have reached the same conclusions. Genetic tampering is a very tricky business. It takes at least a generation or two to witness results of one's work. Many generations are needed for trial and error experimentation. The current abduction program seems to be fairly new. If this had been going on for a long time, virtually everyone would likely be abductees by now, because families expand over time. I sense that only a relatively small (but significant) fraction of the current human population is being manipulated, genetically. At least that's one line of thinking.

This is not to say that abductions never occurred until recently. I think abductions were occurring throughout the entire history of the human race, but on a smaller scale. I feel that alien beings have been around longer than humankind. When I meet abductees, I can safely assume that at least one of their parents and at least one of their children are also abductees, whether they know it or not.

The abduction program could have started out randomly, perhaps, in the earliest days of the program. But I would think that it began following family lines shortly after. Abductees generally feel that they are indeed "special" for some unknown reason. Yet, this could be a feeling induced by the abductors since they have the ability to manipulate the human mind and not just the brain. I personally have a strong suspicion that beings were dealing with me even before I was born. Perhaps before I was even an embryo, if that is possible.

I do feel a sense of "mission" in what I am doing at this point in my life. Perhaps certain beings want me and others to bring awareness to the human race. Many experiencers claim personal interaction with UFO beings. Often, under hypnosis and sometimes without hypnosis, these experiencers will uncover previous conversations with the beings aboard their vessels. In some cases, the abductees are told that they "agreed" to be abducted once they began their human lifetimes on Earth. This suggests that as a "soul", they were in contact with some of these beings and agreed to come to Earth and continue to have follow-up ties with these beings for whatever reason, even without "conscious" knowledge while in human form.

I guess it is possible that certain alien groups (or races) are trying to work in noninvasive ways to actually help the human experiment on Planet Earth work while other races are trying to do just the opposite. Perhaps it is an attempt to genetically "weed out" the human inclination for war and other negative traits that we all agree we have. I believe that virtually everything is "genetic"— physical traits, behavior and many other aspects of the human experience. I have personally noticed that most of the children of all the abductees I know are exceptionally bright... And, babies born today around the world seem to develop at a faster rate than a few decades ago. "Experts" will say this is due to better nutrition and care and so forth. Well, my question is: Why is this also happening in underdeveloped nations that don't have improved nutrition and so forth? This could be a sign of positive genetic tampering from outside this world. But the question must remain; is this for our benefit or theirs? Who's to say that some of us are not perhaps "hybridized" members of the alien races? I do believe that not all people on this planet are fully human. And, let's face it, if these alien beings are "humanoid," that is, two legs, two arms, one head, two eyes, hands and feet... then they and the human race are connected, genetically.

Question - What entities do you believe are primarily responsible for most abductions, today? And, what do you think might be the primary reason for them to want to conduct these operations?

Answer - Well, hybridization really looks to be the main reason. I don't like that thought, personally. Over 90% of all the abductions I know about involve the short and the tall alien "Grays". These are by far the most commonly seen. However, I have no idea who is working with me, personally, during my abductions. The Grays are the types most often depicted on TV, especially in alien abduction documentaries. Large heads, black, glossy eyes, frail bodies, somewhat insect-like in their movements. They can be gray in color, white, greenish, pinkish or any combination thereof. I know three individuals that have reported seeing Grays. And two others that have reported seeing something similar to Grays. Perhaps something related.

I think that for the Grays, it's genetics. They are doing something with us, genetically. One disturbing possibility comes from the "leaked" information bubbling up from the top-secret government complexes said to be working directly with Grays in underground facilities such as Area 51. The government is purported to let the Grays conduct their own "secret" experiments on humans in exchange for some of Gray advanced technology. This information cannot be confirmed, so we just don't know if this is true or not. But, there is always that possibility that it is true. Word on the street is that this liaison has not been holding together well and that neither side trusts each other.

There have even been battles reported with both sides. But then, would we want these particular Grays to decide to contact governments in the Middle East and offer them technology that could conceivable rule the world? So, it is possible that our government feels it has to do this and is hoping we can eventually develop weapons systems to fend off the alien threat in the future. I think this is naive, but...

The big problem I see, then, is who the good guys are and who are the bad guys? All Grays do not seem to be evil according to reports and leaked information from apparently credible sources over the years. It's just like with people. Are all human beings evil? No. So, how could we differentiate? It seems a tangled mess. Plus, is our idea of good and evil correct? I mean by cosmic standards? This is another messy area. What if the human race is a struggling race in its adolescent stage and isn't truly mature enough to know what all is going on out there in the cosmos, and that for us to decide what should be and not be is really something way out of our league?

Trying to understand the entire alien situation is really great if you need to give yourself a splitting headache. Are we even capable of understanding? I just hope that there are forces out there that truly know what's going on and are willing to do something about it for our benefit. The known evidence seems to lean towards an unregulated, "anything goes" type of universe, out there. But, I hope this is not true.

On a more optimistic note, not everything in the paranormal realm is about ET's. Many people have encountered what are called, "Light Beings". These could very well be the angels of the Bible or still other types of entities of an unknown nature. These could be higher order beings. Human beings could even be higher order beings, for all we know. Who's to say that someone is not in control, overall? I certainly hope so. I really don't believe we humans have the wherewithal to outsmart the alien situation here around Earth. Not with their ability to manipulate our minds. I've had a dose of that and there seems to be nothing one can do to counteract it. Abductees often feel a great sense of helplessness. However, we could be higher order beings than the aliens. Perhaps when we pass on from this world, our souls are able to escape.

Question - We are aware that you have been investigating paranormal phenomena for some time, now, and are an in-depth and detailed investigator. With regards to such things as Mothman in West Virginia, where our editor, Kay Patterson, met you at the Mothman Festival, what is your opinion on this sort of thing? Do you think it is all, or at least partially related to the UFO matter, and if so, why? For you, how does this figure into the overall picture?

Answer - It seems that when paranormal activity of many kinds is occurring, UFOs won't be far away. This was the case with the famous Mothman sightings in the late '60's. UFOs have been seen in areas during Bigfoot sightings, Chupacabra sightings and many other sightings of strange unknown creatures. Most UFO abductees I have known have also reported supernatural experiences in their lives, such as ghosts, shadow beings and small creatures with red eyes. But, I think that these strange creatures we often hear about usually come from above (from UFOs) or below (underground). No one ever seems to be able to track them for any distance. It is even possible that they come from another dimension and only stay for short times in our realm, being capable of appearing and disappearing into thin air at will. Perhaps, aliens are letting their pets out for a walk. Or, they are testing them to see how well they operate in different environments such as Earth.

I met and talked with some of the witnesses of the Mothman creature in West Virginia. I also did some investigating on my own, later, during subsequent trips. I found that paranormal happenings of different types are still going on in the area. I believe that the Mothman phenomenon is real and dates back to a time when only Native American tribes were in the region. I am personally aware of UFO- related and supernatural-related events in the region. I can only say that I feel that the Mothman might very well have come from UFOs since they were definitely reported often during the 1966-67 Mothman sightings period.

I found an interesting survey on the Internet some time ago that I highly recommend. It deals with entity sightings around the world describing all kinds of paranormal creatures, not just UFO aliens, for each year going back to at least 1979. It is unique. Some of the beings reported seem to be associated with UFOs, but many seem not to be. These files also yield many often overlooked details into the strange conditions that can develop during an encounter with alien beings. The individual responsible for these incredible compilations is Albert S. Rosales. His "Humanoid Contact Database" can be found on several web sites by performing a simple Internet search.

One thing that all my investigations have taught me is that our entire world is not like the world we are told exists. So, are we supposed to still trust our authorities and experts, anyway? I don't see why. The entire paranormal realm seems so vast and hard to comprehend that all I can figure is that we humans are but a small part of a giant process in a very vast and complex universe. And, all we are trying to explore is the mere local portion of it all, our immediate surroundings. I think that the only reason we do not readily see it all is due to the fact that we only have five senses to use. For all we know, the "overall picture" might be something unattainable and incomprehensible for human beings to ever understand. What would we see if we had ten senses to play with?

Question - It seems that the UFO phenomenon has undergone some serious changes in attitude toward it over the last several decades. Originally, people were curious, then scared, and then thought of them as possibly friendly and helpful, sort of in the "E.T." movie vein. Now, it seems as if the tide is turning back to people viewing the whole UFO thing as having a more sinister motive. One abductee said, "If you see a UFO, run!" Do you feel this is true, and if so, why?

Answer - I am cautious to buy into current attitudes. They could very well be manipulated by governments or various media who, themselves, have no magic access to the real truth. Perception does not dictate reality. Our paranormal perceptions are not the result of science fiction. Rather, science fiction is the result of our paranormal perceptions. UFO reports were here long before science fiction stories. So were reports of ghosts and strange creatures. The fact is that all UFO and alien reports to date strongly indicate that we have all the above, aliens that are friendly and helpful as well as sinister, and so on. Harmful and helpful. Just like human beings. Public attitudes are usually the result of media and are really irrelevant. The real truth out there is not subject to trendy human perceptions. The real truth is simply what it is. Always. And no matter what a researcher can ever find out, he or she can never make an absolute confirmation about any finding. This is because the human mind is vulnerable to manipulation. Therefore, nothing is absolutely provable in reality.

In a way, we're stuck. I would say that it is wiser to run when seeing a UFO nearby. But if they are looking for you, they will find you no matter what you do. T hey can float you up to their craft regardless of gravity and they can pull you right through a wall or other solid object if they need to...

In this business, there are few tidy answers and solutions. But the more we do learn about all this, the better off we probably can be. I would be inclined to observe a UFO as much as possible, but I certainly wouldn't invite it to take me aboard. During field investigations, we have to sometimes be bold and make ourselves more vulnerable than we like. But this is the risk we must sometimes take to get data.

I don't think we should be worried about the types of beings out there as much as the deception that surrounds this entire issue and who is behind it and with what agenda. Perhaps our best hope might be found in forming collaboration with the right types of beings who would protect us from the wrong types. Our best way to personally handle the entire UFO issue is to rely on intellect-based thinking and not emotion-based thinking. Reality is a harsh thing for human beings. If you don't believe this, just look around at the number of psychiatrists in our society, alone. Most of them make a good living, too. The first thing we must do is cut through to the truth. And it is well-hidden at the moment. Emotion-based thinking is subject to manipulation (by humans as well as ETs) and will not get us to the truth.

The UFO/alien phenomenon is the greatest dose of reality the human race has ever had to face. Perhaps figuring out how to face it is more important, right now, than figuring out what to do about it.

Question - With regards to "USOs" (Underwater Submarine Objects), do you think this is just part and parcel of the whole UFO experience, or do you think it may somehow be separate, and/or distinctively different in any way? What do USOs suggest to you?

Answer - I think that USOs are simply underwater UFOs. I personally know of a military pilot who saw a saucer-shaped craft rise out of a lake just a few feet behind his house and watched it fly away. There have been reports over the years that certain alien groups dwell underground underneath the ocean floors. This would be the best hiding place they could find, in my opinion. There are no known human technologies or methods that could detect them there. They could do their work unimpeded. If UFOs can travel through the thickest parts of our atmosphere at thousands of miles an hour, withstand the cold vacuum of space as well as vibrate through solid rock, my guess is that they can easily withstand the enormous pressures several miles deep in our oceans. It is also possible that some alien groups are not interested in the human life that happens to be on this planet.

There have been many underwater sightings over the years from ships and submarines. And with our planet containing a lot more water on the surface than dry land, it would make sense that UFOs would be found underwater, as well.

Question - You've intimated about several conspiracies; is there anything you'd like to tell us about any of these in particular? Do you have a favorite one, and if so, why?

Answer - I personally know that the alien/UFO phenomenon is real. I cannot enjoy the luxury of ignorance. I have to face what the evidence tells me. I guess I don't really have a "favorite" conspiracy theory, but as huge as this phenomenon really is, it has been totally overlooked by western religion. And, it has actually been treated with ridicule and disdain by our science community, which was born centuries ago in a western religion-dominated culture. I am convinced that people at the very top of these two hierarchies are well aware of the alien phenomenon and other phenomena. No one can convince me that the leaders of the religious community and the science community know nothing about the alien/UFO phenomenon. But it is obvious that they do not want people to pursue the matter.

Religion is a manmade thing. Spirituality appears to be a God-made thing. However, western religions do not focus on spirituality. Instead, they focus on programming human beings to think in limited ways that affect their overall behavior. They often refer to spirituality but seldom, if ever, seriously pursue it. They do not focus on enhancing the spiritual side of Man, only the behavioral side. Quite the opposite of their supposed center of focus—Jesus Christ.

Our science community of the western world sprang forth primarily from the Catholic cultures of Europe only a few centuries ago. They do not focus on enlightening Humankind's knowledge of the universe and our place in it. Matter of fact, only a few centuries ago, the Church killed anybody that tried. Instead, they focus on creating technology. But, broadly speaking, the science community's primary mission seems to be the same as that of western religion: decide what Humanity is to think about everything then control its behavior through constant, subtle influence.

Then, there is the famous military-industrial complex that President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about as he was leaving office decades ago. There exists a secret agreement between certain officials in government and certain industrial corporations (largely aerospace contractors) who are the humans that control the apparent "cover-up" regarding UFOs.

It is said that Eisenhower used to be in control of the UFO situation until he discovered that others had secretly rerouted it away from his authority. Leaked information over the years from what appear to be credible sources indicate that these people have captured and explored alien technology for years pumping ungodly amounts of taxpayer dollars into research and development without accounting to Congress for where the money is going. They claim that the money is used for official secret projects such as the stealth bomber and so forth. Yet, when members of Congress try to pry into this matter, they get their phones tapped and receive threats from unknown sources. I think that the technology we do see from these people is far behind compared to what they should have developed by now with all the resources they have enjoyed to date.

They use the excuse, "National Security" for their secret activities. These people have never shown themselves to be of good character and moral fiber. My guess is that they are not the least bit honest. They are trying to work with captured UFOs, sinister biological experiments with captured alien beings, research into areas of human mind control and who knows what else?

These people could be more dangerous to us than any alien threat we might realize. Regardless of the authenticity of some of the leaks from people who have claimed to personally witness this; other leaks are most likely real. And something likely sinister does appear to be going on, from what I have learned. The problem is that these people have no legal or moral right to use our tax money to create a world of advanced technology then control it away from us. If they have their own agenda, which they probably do, and then we are all likely in trouble. I see no reason to think that their main concern is the well being of the human race. Power corrupts. And, I cannot imagine anyone getting their hands on more potential power than members of this highly guarded military-industrial complex organization.

Rumors indicate that they may have made deals with the more sinister aliens in an effort to get their hands on advanced technology when more benevolent alien beings refused to give Humankind such technology. Remember, humanity can justly be viewed to be a "warrior race" by cosmic standards. What "outsiders" would want us to venture into the cosmos?

Question - In the past, you've made a statement to me that there seems to be a massive deception on many levels, not just with regard to government cover-ups, but even among the alien entities, themselves. In fact, you've intimated that there could be numerous levels, or layers of deception, almost in a food-chain ladder sort of way, metaphorically speaking. How do you mean this, and why do you think it is so? What would be the purpose of such wholesale deceptions on so many different levels? Is there anything we could or should do about it?

Answer - When I sit back and look at all this from a distance, the main thing I see is deception. The entire UFO phenomenon is permeated with deception.

Our own culture teaches us to not believe that UFOs, aliens or ghosts can exist. Yet, they have no proof one way or another, so why do they even take a stand? Religion and the science community want us to pretend that the phenomenon does not exist.

Our own government has been proven to hold a serious interest in the UFO phenomenon and has been caught hiding findings on UFOs and aliens. Yet, to this day, they won't admit it. You can wave their own official documents in their faces from Freedom of Information requests and they will still not concede.

Numbers of abductees have been told by their alien abductors of future events that have turned out to be false. Many have been given explanations about the nature of cosmic matters that contradict what others have been told by other beings. Some abductees, trying to find hidden answers under hypnosis, have pierced through induced false memories of seeing a harmless animal (usually an owl or a deer) that, instead, turns out to be an alien Gray. Sinking further into the hypnotic state, the abductee ultimately sees that the "Gray" is really a "Reptilian" type of alien being. Deceptions in "layered" form.

Background research over the decades indicate that many of the so- called "Gray" beings may not be anything more than biological "androids" designed primarily to be "worker bees" and do the work of higher beings in authority. Often, these Grays have been seen working together with what appear to be human-like aliens (hybrids?) who often seem to be subjugated to a higher authority. The higher beings that seem to dominate the grays and Hybrid Humans seem to be entities with "reptilian" features that walk on two legs.

They are powerful and aggressive in many cases and seem to be exploiters. Yet, there is yet another form of alien being that could be masterminding the entire abductions operation on Earth. They are "insectoids" who have been described by many as being taller than a human yet looking similar to a Preying Mantis.

As bizarre as this seems, they have often been seen as having very strong mental powers over human subjects. Could it be that human beings give off some form of energy on which these beings feed? Something unknown to us? And who is to say that the pecking order stops with the insectoid beings? But, the farther up one goes in this apparent hierarchy of alien beings, the murkier it gets. The Reptilians and Insectoids are seldom seen by abductees according to reports. They remain mysterious to this day.

We human beings have a tough time trying to sort out such a convoluted situation as this. This probably accounts for why I am giving such long answers to each of your questions. Our limited human thinking generally does not factor in such things as these aliens having been here a long time with their own history that is totally unknown to us.

We actually know very little about our own history. Without knowing the history of an ongoing situation, how does one jump in at any given time and figure it all out without such important insights?

Did someone (nonhuman) invent deception at some point in cosmic history? Even the Holy Bible of our western culture indicates that a nonhuman serpent (reptilian) introduced deception to the Human Race through Adam and Eve. This seems to take on new meaning after studying the UFO/alien issue of modern times.

But, who's to say that even the "Reptilians" and the "Insectoids" aren't being duped in some way beyond their own comprehension by still higher-order beings? Deception certainly seems to have found a home in all this. Just look at Planet Earth. The entire life system on the planet seems to operate on an "eat or be eaten" process. Even simple forms of earth life use deception to get their prey. Perhaps this is a natural process throughout the cosmos.

It seems ironic to me, personally. I have accumulated too much data about the UFO phenomenon too quickly and too easily, in my opinion. It has always seemed that the beings that deal with me want me to do exactly what I'm doing. And looking back, I feel that they have put certain events in my life over the years for me to experience just so I could become more prepared and qualified to do what I am now doing later in life. Bringing the UFO issue to light. It's as if everything in my life has been secretly "choreographed". And I was made to walk into these situations unknowingly and learn certain skills and life lessons that would help me to eventually become an effective investigator of this strange phenomenon.

Over the years, I have had encounters with so many people of highly deceptive natures that I even remarked to a friend one day that I had had too many experiences for them to be purely coincidental, and I knew that I had not asked for these situations. So, what could be the explanation? My friend was puzzled, too. I eventually told him that the only logical conclusion that I could draw would be that these situations involving deception over the years could only be the result of some thing or someone causing these situations to happen to me (as if in a paranormal way). But because of all the experience I painfully gained as a result of dealing with various people with deep sociopathic disorders, I can now easily see the vast amount of deception possessed by the nonhuman entities we call aliens.

Apparently someone or some thing wanted me to become very familiar with deception. And why did I develop such a wild passion over subjects like astronomy, space travel, military and UFOs in my youth? Were these passions truly mine? Or, were they put into my head by an outside source? One thing is for certain; these skills and areas of knowledge certainly come in handy, now...

Question - Do you think that abductees can have daily events to happen that seem very ordinary or even mundane but are really the handy work of alien beings working behind the scenes?

Answer - Definitely. I experience this quite often. I will be talking to someone I have just met and suddenly get a strong impulse to swing the conversation around to where I can mention to them that I investigate paranormal matters. And, in most cases, they tell me of things that have happened to them over their lifetimes. Sometimes, they are the ones to get a sudden impulse to begin talking about matters that entice me to mention that I am a paranormal investigator. Then, they will usually tell me of a sighting they had or a strange indoor experience that they might have had in the past. I will then ask them questions. And this turns out to be their awakening to something they have been puzzled about for many years. I run into this too often for it to be mere coincidence (keeping in mind that even strange events can be coincidental even if they appear not to be at first glance). I can think of two incidents that have happened in just the past four weeks that are good examples of this. It happens to me, often.

One of the main reasons I have so many UFO photographs and visual sightings and other experiences is because of a trip a few years ago that I made to a bookstore in another city that I rarely visit. At the same time, a gentleman from my home city decided to take a trip to that same book store, a place that he would rarely visit. We both ended up at the UFO book shelves at the same time and began talking. He told me he had a history of sightings on his property and invited me to visit. Within a few months, I had dozens of sightings of unidentified flying objects over his property and my very first UFO photo. To me, there was nothing coincidental about our meeting. I have also had many other "chance meetings" with people that led to more evidence for me and a longer list of paranormal experiencers and UFO abductees.

This seems to be the way the beings operate in my life. As a matter of fact, had I not developed a growing desire to attend the Mothman Festival in West Virginia, where I met AlienSkin Magazine®'s Senior Editor, Kay Patterson this past year; this interview would not be happening.

I get the impression that this is a common way aliens work with human beings, these days. It may not be all about abductions.

Question - From your personal experience and acquired knowledge, what do you think this all means? Do you think that the situation will continue indefinitely, or do you think it may all come to an end, and if so, how? Do you think it might end badly for humanity? Do you think that someday "all will be revealed"? And more importantly, will we like that revelation?

Answer - I think that our planet is not going to withstand the population explosion (or infestation) by the human race much longer. We will not be able to continue multiplying like this without controls. And I see no controls on the horizon. The resulting escalation of human problems will bring down the overall human condition to a dangerous level. Internal strife within nations will build. Wars will become more frequent, I predict. Food and water supplies will become overburdened. Diseases will spread much more easily than now. And by the time the human population doubles, nonhuman observers of Earth will see a growing recipe for disaster.

Perhaps they have seen this on other worlds in the past. I think that many alien beings figure that if the human race wants to destroy itself, so be it. Just don't ruin Earth in the process, say, with disastrous effects from nuclear wars or various sources of atmospheric, ground or water pollution. The next intelligent inhabitants of Earth could be a hybrid creature that is possibly being developed right now.

But, I do believe that the human race is not going to develop much more without a major change, probably catastrophic. Because human beings generally do not tackle problems at their roots and are too disorganized and full of apathy to try to make things better for all humanity.

It is possible that certain alien groups, such as the type working with me, might be planning a big debut, one day. Not on the White House lawn, necessarily. (The White House does not represent the entire human race, anyway.) I suppose they would do this in hopes of waking people up at the eleventh hour, if it is not too late. But how that would go is anybody's guess.

I cannot see a rosy future for the human race. But, I hope I'm wrong.

Question - Do you feel there is a danger of abductees becoming too sensitized to their situation, perhaps seeing in simple events paranormal explanations, instead of just more mundane ones? In other words, being real victims of such things, do they then become daily mental victims, as well, always seeing and stabbing away at shadows, sometimes even imaginary ones? Or is the reverse true, and perhaps the average abducted person isn't delving enough into such seemingly minor and odd daily events, and should they be looking for more meaningful answers for them?

Answer - Once a person knows or strongly suspects he or she is being abducted, it is hard not to become a bit paranoid. It is easy to think one has seen a shadow suddenly go across the room. Or hear a sound of something getting knocked over by a cat that is not in sight. It is easy to anticipate things that may or may not ever happen. This can be nerve-wracking. Some people deal with it fairly well, some don't. If one cannot deal with it well, then it is better to keep preoccupied with something else. There have been UFO abductees to commit suicide and others to consider it.

Remember, some abductees do not get the luxury of memory-erasure. Some are completely conscious the entire abduction and have full recall afterwards. Some recall going through painful medical procedures and other forms of trauma. Human beings are fragile with their limited brains and delicate nervous systems.

On the other hand, I personally see in most abductees not enough desire to pursue what they admit must be going on in their lives. I suppose it is a combination of denial and the possibility that they have been given subconscious instructions by the abductors to simply never worry about the matter and not pursue it. But these people will never find answers and will always wonder about things the rest of their lives.

I think that the entire human race may have been cut off from its spiritual nature and has trouble finding any meaning in life because of this. Many encounters with alien beings seem to be of a spiritual nature. Whether this is genuine or another deception, I cannot say. Rarely, if ever, do any of these beings ever mention anything from human religions—Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed, any of the Ten Commandments, etc. These words are not a part of their vocabulary and the alien beings do not seem to concern themselves with our human religious beliefs. But, I do think that human beings have a spiritual connection with something out there in the cosmos. Something good. Perhaps the abductors do not have a spiritual connection like we do. Perhaps human spirituality is the only means of escape from all that is going on here around Earth.

Actually, that's the very thing that our Bible and other ancient works have been saying for a long time. That we human beings are in the middle of a giant tug-of-war and that the only means of escape is a spiritual one.

Question - There seems to have been a dramatic increase of UFO activity in the world since the 1940's. Any possible reason why?

Answer - Yes. We began detonating nuclear bombs. The earliest beginnings of the dramatic increase in sightings occurred primarily in the only location in the world that experienced nuclear detonations: New Mexico. Only a year-and-a-half after the very first detonation.

Question - Where do you think these alien beings originate?

Answer - There are three possibilities that I can see:

1. They are ETs that simply come from other star systems in our galaxy or a more distant galaxy.

2. They are beings from another time. Perhaps we are their ancestors, or possibly their descendants.

3. They are inter-dimensional beings coming from another dimension totally outside our physical universe. Perhaps they even dwell on Earth but in a different dimension.

It is interesting to contemplate the possibility that they are inter- dimensional beings. They can certainly appear and disappear into thin air in our realm. If other dimensions do exist, couldn't it be possible that our nuclear explosions are bleeding through... into their dimension? I could imagine that at the very center of a nuclear explosion, the force might be intense enough to rupture what we call the space-time continuum, the realm in which we humans live. The explosion could conceivably wreak havoc in their realm.

Question - You have accumulated a lot of data in only a few years. Is there anything in particular you do that causes you to have so much success?

Answer - I believe I have a technique that works quite well. I turn experiencers into field investigators. These people seem to attract the attention of the UFO operators. And when several of us get together, it seems to get the attention we hope for. And some of them live in active locations. We concentrate on UFO "hotspots" and have managed to get a considerable amount of data in so doing. But, we have to work for it. It has taken literally hundreds of field trips, with many times obtaining nothing at all.

However, UFO activity doesn't always last for less than a day. When we learn of UFO activity, we set up in the area and try to watch for sightings over the next several days or weeks. We have gotten good results, at times.

Question - Can you give us some insight into what you personally feel is the most important aspect about all this? Is there some particular thing you'd like to mention and tell us why you think it is most important, or at least outstanding? Is there some aspect to all of this that you feel is a major feature or point, something the rest ofus need to be made aware of? And one last thing; would you like for all of this to just stop—the abductions and UFO events? Or, would you prefer it to continue, at least until you find the answers you personally seek?

Answer - There is indeed something I feel strongly about that I cannot emphasize enough.

In a word: Deception.

I am worried, realizing that the world I have been taught to believe in does not exist. And that Reality is not what I have been led to believe it is. I also see that there exists a large conspiracy of human and otherworldly beings that are doing everything they can to keep it this way, apparently for their benefit. How they can hide so well right under our noses is beyond me. But somehow they do it. We are all walking on the bottom of an ocean of deception. We are surrounded by it. We are engulfed in it. It is difficult to keep it from seeping into us. And, it worries me that few people take this matter very seriously.

Remember, the human race is like an individual with total amnesia. We don't know who we are. We don't know where we are. We don't know where we've been. We don't know where we're going. In the meantime, beings who know this are tampering with us. One interesting thing about aliens and UFOs: most animals cannot stand them and will not willingly get near them. Do they know something that we don't?

It all seems to be one big problem, I guess. Sometimes, I do miss the simpler times when my life didn't include alien beings, abductions and conspiracies. If I could wave a magic wand and end it all, right now, I probably would choose to do so, but I would probably always long for it the rest of my life.

Question - If one is to take seriously all the information and implications found in this interview, can you advise us on the best way to approach it?

Answer - I have had to wrestle with this. And here is what I have come up with: It is not as important to focus on what happens to us in life. It is most important to focus on how to react to what happens to us.

Reality has harsh edges. I think we all know that. Learning how to better accept "that which is" will fortify us against what we have to deal with. Strive to become better at accepting reality for what it is, not what it should be or ought to be. The better we can cope, the better off we are. I hope this helps.

Question - If any of our readers would like to pursue this further, would you be available for contact?

Answer - Most certainly. I greatly value anyone that wants to pursue this. Perhaps some of the readers would like to help move our research along. Everyone has different ways in which they can help. Or, if anyone just wants to keep abreast of what our field investigators are doing, he or she is most welcome to keep in touch. I also have a CD full of my still photos of UFOs shot in North Carolina along with other paranormal images that I will offer to any readers of this interview free upon request.

In closing, we wish to thank our Investigator for this in-depth interview and for the great amount of time and effort it involved on his part. Furthermore, we also wish to thank him for being so kind and open with us, so gracious and generous in sharing many of his most deeply held convictions on this subject. It shows a true courage on his part, and for that we are sincerely grateful.

This concludes the interview and article "North Carolina Alien UFO Research and Investigations" with Alan Caviness. Click Here to browse other intriguing USO UAP and UFO Research Articles.

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