Hartsville Tennessee Government Mysteries Nuclear Plant

Hartsville Tennessee Government Mysteries Nuclear Plant

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Hartsville Tennessee Government Mysteries Nuclear Plant
Hartsville Tennessee Government Mysteries Nuclear Plant
Article Presented by Contributing Author Ted Randall, Station Owner, Copyright 1994-1997

WJKM Radio Hartsville Tennessee

At about 10:45 AM Friday, July 6, 2001 radio station WJKM and CMR (Country Music Radio), with studios in Hartsville, Tennessee was knocked off the air by a very powerful strange energy blast! There was a crystal clear blue sky, no clouds or rain. It was not lightning!

1) All the radio station's lines were knocked out.
2) Several power transformers were blown several blocks away from the studios (smoke seen billowing out of one)
3) All phone lines at the newspaper (The Hartsville Vidette), the local farm co-op and all other phones in this small radius were knocked out!
4) Radio station transmitter lost all MOSFETS and the output - tuning network.
5) All computers at WJKM lost motherboards, network cards etc.
6) ISDN was knocked out.
7) Most all the equipment Zephyr codec and EAS all knocked out.

THERE WAS NOT A CLOUD IN THE SKY! This was not lightning! In the back of the radio station were DEAD FRIED BIRDS! Their wings, tails and feet severely burned. Station secretary Jennifer and sales manager Steve found a small bird still alive hopping around with its wings and tail feathers burned off. Many of the birds were still alive but badly burned.

These are smaller birds. The wingspan is not large enough for them to get fried from getting across a powerline to ground. This was not just one bird.

Steve (sales manager) told me he heard a loud electrical overload sound then the power went out. He told me he has never heard anything like this ever in his life. There was no blown transformer near the radio station. The closest burned transformer was at least three city blocks from the building.

The editor of the Vidette said she was sitting with her back to the window. She heard a loud roaring sound like an overload and something came through the window and a flash of light went through the entire building. The Vidette is next door to the radio station.

The Power Company, Tri County Electric and Bell South seem to be at a loss to explain the situation.

This is not the first time WJKM has had strange power surge problems. It has been difficult to keep computers up and running at the Hartsville studios and transmitter site.

We have called the local power company and complained to no avail. They seem to be as puzzled by the problem as we are. They have placed monitoring equipment on the lines and have seen nothing unusual.

Yet in this outage the editor of the Vidette told me she keeps all the computers in the building unplugged. The newspaper publishes once a week so they only plug the computers into power once a week. Friday the Editors calculator was plugged into the wall outlet and it was destroyed by the surge.

These surges are not just coming into the power lines. They are also entering the radio station through phone lines and the antenna system. This is evident in blown telephone equipment. Sometimes the equipment is not destroyed but the program settings are scrambled or wiped out.

We have surge protectors plugged into surge protectors. We keep MOV's by the boxfulls.

We have been at a loss to make a determination as to the cause of these surges. The only clue as to what the cause may be has been suggested by our listeners.

Many of the callers to the radio station seem to think that there is some sort of activity at the old Hartsville nuclear power plant site. My first trip to the site left me a bit cold as the place looks like an abandoned ghost town. With heaps of things lying around, it looks like a good set for a futuristic movie.

The nuclear power plant is a site that cost the general public millions of dollars that was supposedly never finished. The construction of the plant came to an abrupt halt some years back leaving the community devastated. TVA (Federal Government) will tell you it is being used as a storage area only. Yet I have calls at the radio station from listeners who claim to hear strange humming sounds coming from the location. Listeners have seen strange objects overhead. Listeners have claimed to see triangular shaped craft overhead. Silent black helicopters at all hours of the night. Huge military C-130's heading in as if to land or leaving the area nose up as if they have just taken off.

There are no visible places for a C-130 to land or take off.
We have searched the area as well as we could.

Listeners from the area have called talking about a strange humming sound. Comments like "you can feel it" "It makes the hair stand up on your neck" are common. We also hear that you can't locate the source of the humming it seems to be coming from everywhere. This has been mentioned only by people who live near the nuclear power plant site.

A rural elderly listener called my morning show extremely upset. He told us he had lost several beagle puppies in the area. A friend of his told him that he thought that he had seen the pups in the area near the cooling tower. He reported to us in a phone call that he had driven his truck to the area. He thought he was hearing the beagles out in the wooded area so he climbed over the fence and started calling to them. He told us he was greeted with an overhead helicopter and a ground force of about 30 people. They allegedly escorted him off the property in a very rough and crude manner. He said they were some kind of police, some in plain clothes. He told us they were rude and threatening.

A listener who is a tech that lives on a hill near the area has had fluorescent bulbs light in his hand on various spots on his property. He discovered this by accident but has witnesses to the phenomenon. He works with surveillance cameras, thermal imaging and a lot of high tech stuff. He tells us there is operational radar being used at the nuclear site at different times.

A Hartsville resident who's ex-husband worked at the site tells us that there is a reactor there. We have had several reports of this from different folks in the community. She tell us that her husband was told "don't eat the fish from the river or eat any deer shot in the area".

Our local heating and air conditioning contractor tells about how he sees large shinny new 18 wheel tankers go and come from the nuclear site at 3 in the morning.

A gentleman who is a relative to an owner of a local grocery establishment claims to have seen a Bigfoot near the nuclear plant.

It is also interesting that according listeners have called in, there has apparently been an increase in what they are calling fibromyalgia. This is a decease name appointed to the unexplainable severe and disabling pain throughout the entire body over recent years, as well as, an increase in headaches mimicking migraines that are not actual migraines.

At night the entire area has a strange chemical smell to it somewhat pungent like ozone and chemicals. The radio station transmitter and Hartsville studio is located in the middle of Hartsville City Park about 5 miles from the nuclear cooling tower.

We are in no way accusing the TVA or the nuclear power plant of causing this problem. We are just reporting what listeners and residents of the community have reported to us.

One thing that we do find strange is this, in the beginning we would go on the air and joke about the nuclear power plant. We did this because of the TVA's vague promise to turn a good portion of the land back to the community for development. This was always talked about but nothing ever happened. We placed several calls to TVA. No one ever responded.

When we would get on the air and start airing some of these reports it was always promptly followed by a press release or a public meeting about the donation of the land back to the county. We were told not to talk about it, that the TVA would get upset. Whenever we would stop talking about it, then it seemed that you would hear nothing about the land development. We have been off the subject for a good time now. Their latest announcement is to develop the land in partnership with the local Power Company for an industrial power park. They say this wont happen now for 4 years.

They now claim they must do a 4 year environmental study. What do they need to study? Was there not a study done in order to build a nuclear facility? What else needs to be studied for a commercial business site? For you the listener, thank you for putting up with our outage. We are making repairs as fast as we can. As for the cause, we have no idea what this is all about.

We are concerned about the charred and fried birds however. These birds were found on our property in areas where there are no powerlines! The Power Company said the birds got into a power transformer. What transformer? Our 10 KVA pole peg behind the radio station? How would all these birds do that? After being in or near the transformer, how did they all get to different locations around the 5 acres of land where there are no power lines? If the birds were sitting on an electrical wire and were hit by a surge their legs would have been burned off! These birds have legs. Its their wings and feathers that are burned, singed or missing! It appears to us these birds were cooked in flight! But by what?

Hartsville Tennessee UFO Mystery Image 1
EMF Pulse?
Image 1
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Image 15
C130 Black Helicopter
C130 - Image 16
Area Controlled Sign - UFO Conspiracy
Restricted Area
Sign - Image 17
Mysterious Cooling Tower - UFO Secrecy
Nuclear Cooling
Tower - Image 18
Matt Aaron
Matt Aaron
WJKM Image 19
WKJM - Hartsville Radio Station
Radio Station
WJKM Image 20
WJKM Studio 1
Station Studio
WJKM Image 21
WJKM Studio 2
Station Studio
WJKM Image 22
WJKM Studio 3
Station Studio
WJKM Image 23
WJKM Studio 4
Station Studio
WJKM Image 24
WJKM Studio 5
Station Studio
WJKM Img 25
WJKM Studio 6
WJKM Img 26
WJKM Transmitter Tower 1
WJKM Img 27
WJKM Transmitter Tower 2
WJKM Img 28
WJKM Transmitter Tower 3
WJKM Img 29

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