Comparison of Quantum Physics of More Advanced Civilizations

Comparison of Quantum Physics of More Advanced Civilizations

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Comparison of Quantum Physics of More Advanced Civilizations
Do Martians Know Quantum Physics As We Do?
Article Presented by Contributing Author Helen M. Canterbury, Copyright 1994-1997

Martians and Quantum Physics

The name of this article is "Martians Know Quantum Physics" for short, or "Why Vikings I and II and Mars Pathfinder have found just rocks and red sand amidst an uninhabited desert in a world teeming with very intelligent life" might be a long version.

Martians are in the middle of the way between terrestrial science and religion. They are not one thing nor another. Both science and religion separate the subject from the object. Martians don't.

Scientific method as known on Earth, for instance, separates the observer from the phenomenon, taking for granted the premise that the phenomenon is something that exists by itself. It assumes that the phenomenon is something that you can put in a lab, measure, quantify, and repeat exhaustively as much as needed in order to elaborate a theory or enunciate a theorem.

Martians, however, have a different agenda. They know the laws of quantum physics very well, and they apply its rules to anyone trying to investigate them, either on Mars or on Earth. They are like mercury : you can't "catch" them with your hands. They flow off your hands right under your nose.

They have the ability to read your thoughts so easily that you could say it's just like walking or drinking a glass of water for them. From the Martian point of view, it's something very trivial.

So here you have a total inversion of the scientific method as known on Earth : the so-called "phemonenon" is intelligent and investigates the observer. You can't investigate a Martian : he investigates you first.

That's why you can't put them in a lab. That's why the two space probes that landed on Mars in 1976 - the Vikings I and II - didn't find anything but rocks and red sand in an uninhabited desert.

What is real ? What is reality ? It varies from observer to observer... If you consider "reality" as everything that penetrates your perception field and that therefore can be perceived through your physical senses, or through the lenses or pointers of your instruments, then someone else just have to manipulate the appearances of what you suppose to be existing around you or manipulate the lenses and pointers of your instruments to create new descriptions of reality for your mind.

How do you know that a movie is a movie ? That's because you go to the movie theater or to your TV knowing previously that it's only a movie. What if a "movie" could be projected by the means of advanced technology on the lenses and pointers of your instruments, and the "producers" of this "movie" didn't want you to know that in reality your instruments were taking shots of a tangible 3-D hologram ? Your instruments could do anything you wanted, including taking and analyzing "soil samples", "rock samples" or the "composition of the atmosphere" from this tangible, physical hologram... How could you then separate "reality" from illusion ?

That's why all terrestrial probes sent to Mars up to this moment - including Vikings I and II, and also the recent Mars Pathfinder in 1997 - just found out what Martians have prepared them to find ...

There is intelligent life on Mars. Extremely intelligent life, by the way. Martians have been picking up our TV transmissions since the twenties. During the twentieth century - particularly after the two atom bomb public blasts in 1945 (Hiroshima and Nagasaki), they have been sending millions and millions of their citizens to blend with terrestrials on Earth.

They have established dozens of Operation Centers around the world - mostly in underground facilities - as well as thousands and thousands of military bridgeheads and outposts on the surface of the Earth. These underground facilities have nothing to do with the ones described by certain areas of Ufology. These last ones - if not mystifications - are more appropriate for other type of aliens (formerly) present on Earth, representing the involutive forces.

Since the end of the nineteenth century, involutive forces representing the scum of this quadrant of the galaxy have shown interest in colonizing the planet Earth, enslavering its population, buying the help of some collaborators, and establishing here a strategic bridgepoint to invade Mars, Earth's neighbor in the system. Knowing that, Martians have anticipated themselves, making their move just like players in a cosmic chess match.

Differently from what terrestrial culture has wrongfully absorbed, Martians are human too. They also have two legs, two arms, head, torso, and approximately the same stature. They also have a nose, two ears, a mouth and two eyes. There are differences, however. The original shape of a Martian presents a variation in the texture of the skin - which is soft like the skin of a terrestrial baby, yet very strong - and also minor variations in the shape of the eyes, its pupils, and in the ears, so that they could not operate on the surface of Earth without being noticed. That's why they have to change their shapes at least slightly in order to live here.

Martians are spiritually developed and have a total different mentality. Comparatively, a Martian child is more spiritually developed than the most advanced among the elite of terrestrial Tibetan monks. They are light-years ahead of the Zen mentality.

They have been living in peace and harmony for the last two thousand terrestrial years, since a frustrated Invasion perpetrated by a race of non-human alien conquerors forced them all to unite forces and expel the invaders. As a result of this trauma and after a tremendous leap in their science, they have built Phobos, which is a giant artificial satellite and which functions as the Alliance's military headquarter for this solar system.

They no longer use money, and they have transcended the necessity of sex. Only true love has survived after a few centuries of transformation. Their present society is what many on Earth would call a "paradise". Now many of them are here living among us, just behaving as characters in a stage, doing exactly what terrestrials do.

While not operating on the Earth stage, however, Martians behave differently. They don't eat meat, for instance. Eating animal meat on Mars would be regarded as being as barbarous as would be eating human meat on Earth.

They have never had the intention of interfering with the free will of the individuals living on Earth, so they had a particular concern regarding being observed from Earth. They could never permit that a single observation could generate a chain reaction that would spread the news about the existence of life on Mars and that would cause profound changes in the terrestrial society.

The terrestrial mentality of "conquering", "taking", "exploring" new "territories" and using them in their own "benefit" to generate "profits" for a few individuals certainly would prevail above any other point of view.

So since the beginning a Martian military operation has been activated on Earth : all the telescopes precise enough to detect undoubtable signs of intelligent life on Mars (no more than twenty supertelescopes around the world - or in orbit) have been manipulated. Their lenses and instruments, at least when pointing to Mars, have been provided with holographic images of rocks, craters, sand and desert.

On the night of Tuesday, November 15, 1988, however, there was a flaw in this system of control. A couple of terrestrial scientists working in the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia had inadvertently pointed the telescope to Mars and made intriguing discoveries about cities, something resembling "buildings", flying transportation systems, and so on. The flaw was detected and the next day all the area of the Observatory - an entire complex gathering scientists from several universities, including one of the ten biggest and most powerful radiotelescopes operating on Earth - was misteriously "smashed" by unknown forces. The metals of the equipments were twisted, and the wreckage of the main telescope looked like if it has been trampled on by a giant's foot. In a question of days, all the news about the happening have played down the facts. U.S. military forces investigating the incident found nothing but twisted metals, but anyway the case has been covered up, as always.

Martian society has a very advanced technology for terrestrial patterns. Their science has developed the capacity of travelling beyond light speed. They use "worm-holes" as windows in space to jump to another space quadrant. They dominate the anti-gravitational technology whithin the atmosphere of a planet, which is used by their flying saucers (mostly triangle-shaped ones) and mother-ships while on Earth. And they use the teleportation technology as well, among several other technologies.

Regarding terrestrial religions, they also separate the subject from the object. Religious men, faithful ones and churchgoers in general believe that God is an external superior entity to be adored and worshipped, and that they are the sinners. This external entity, some believe, would be capable of judging them, punishing or rewarding them, and of controlling their destinies, and would need intermediaries - the churches and their priests or clergymen - in order to transmit to them the words or the wisdom of God, of His representatives on Earth (the Messiah or founder of each religion), or of the so-called "prophets". Some religions have several Gods, demi-Gods or deities, but they are also idolized or venerated by their followers.

For Martians, God is inside every one of us. It is not something separated from us, or something that needs intermediaries, Messiahs or "prophets" to be manifested. For them, God - or Unab, as they like to call - is also in the Universe itself, and within the atoms and molecules. It is the force that permeates all that exists - matter and anti-matter, visible and invisible - and that you feel right in the bottom of your heart.

For Martians, there is not a "Table of Commandments" or something like that. Martians don't think in terms of "right" or "wrong". What are "sins" but unresolved dualities on one's mind?

Martians have developed practically all the areas of their brains - all the paranormal faculties - that are still latent for part of the earthlings. They can levitate, move objects, communicate to each other by telepathy, and perform actions that defy the laws of terrestrial physics, like the interpenetration of the matter for instance.

They don't consider these actions as "miracles", but only as the result of a natural development of their spirits and of their minds. They just command the atoms and molecules of the objects with the appropriate will and wisdom necessary to move them the way they want. It's a joint effort between their scientific knowledge and their spirits.

If there would be a sentence that could define Martian feelings toward "God", it probably would be: "Know thyself, and you'll know the Universe".

So as long as mankind project its greed and its mentality of "conquering" or "taking advantage or profits" over other planets, instead of sharing and learning, all probes and ships sent to Mars will "find" only rocks, craters and sand.

In other words, the object that is seen depends on the mentality of the subject. The phenomenon depends on the mentality of the observer. Martians know quantum physics.

Over forty million Martians operate as characters on the Earth stage nowadays, besides ten more million of their allies from other planets. Terrestrial society is organized in such a way that any observer that had the opportunity to "prove" the existence of the phenomenon would probably be tempted to make use of this evidence to take personal advantage and attain fame, money and success. The phenomenon would be transformed into a circus. Martians are spiritually developed and don't like this. Would you like this?

So an Earth-based corollary of the sentence above could be: "Know thyself, and you'll know the Martians around you", or perhaps "Know thyself, and you'll know the Martian behind the mask".

This concludes the US UFO Center article entitled "Comparison of Quantum Physics of More Advanced Civilizations". Click Here to browse other intriguing USO UAP and UFO Research Articles.

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