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We will soon be hosting a new index for reports received by the US UFO Center over the past 29 years as part of our upcoming 30th Year Anniversary. It will be very basic and simple to use and accessible from this page of our site. It will contain the details of personal close encounters with UFOs, alien beings, Bigfoot or Sasquatch, and other strange and unusual, or unexplained incidents such as ghosts, hauntings and various paranormal experiences. So, be sure to Bookmark this page of our site and check back often! For now and for the latest and most up-to-date UAP/USO/UFO news, information, close encounters reports and sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), and Unidentified Submersible Objects (USO) please CLICK HERE to visit and follow us on on Facebook. We are glad you are here and thank you for visiting our site today!! Wishing you clear skies and happy skywatching!!!

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Appalachian GhostWalks UFO ToursAppalachian GhostWalks invites you, your family and friends, or tour group to come and explore the mysteries of our mountain heritage. In addition to our many historic and authentically haunted hotspots, a variety of paranormal experiences and encounters have been documented throughout the
mountainous regions of Southern Appalachia since February 1994. The follow-up research and documentation of these unexplained and often astounding experiences were originally presented within the pages of SkyWatch: The Experience" and "SkyWatch: The Encounters Report" later to become known as the "American UFO Journal", all of which were orginial transcript publications of UFO sightings and other worldly encounters as reported to the center by way of the "UFO Sightings and Information Hotline" as well as The ARC's "Extraordinary Experience Case Submission and Documentation Form". The most interesting and well documented cases of unexplained aerial phenomena have now been correlated to present a world's first - The Appalachian UFO Close Encounters Expedition" TM. Designed to thrill and amaze believers and skeptics alike, the research and investigation of the many strange encounters our guests hear about was performed by the cooperative efforts
of the Alternate Realities Center and US UFO Center. Your Appalachian GhostWalks' Mountain MysteriesTM Adventure Guide will weave together a chilling story of the first-hand, eye witness accounts and extraordinary experiences within our mountain communities for a exciting, fun-filled family adventure.Appalachian GhostWalks' Bigfoot Tours

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******* Everyone is invited back to the Worldwide UFO Information and Research Center offers UFO witnesses this forum to enjoy and submit Worldwide UFO reports while reading and discussing Worldwide UFO sightings or Worldwide UFO encounters in Worldwide with the latest and most recent Unidentified Flying Objects witnessed and allowing for eyewitness accounts and details of the experiences without censorship to the nature of the UFO sightings in Worldwide as experienced along side close encounters to include alien abduction or alien contact endured as the reports appear in the order recieved and word for word of what the witness or witnesses hereafter referred to as experiencers include in their reports without idle comentary allowing the reader to make conclusions for themselves on the validity and truthfulness of the reports appearing herein..... With the permission of the eye witness or individual reporting any of the following experiences, the ARC US UFO Center will not share contact information with the general public in order to protect the privacy of those brave enough to report experiences with the unknown and the unexplained..... Appalachian GhostWalks offers a variety of tours throughout America's First Western Frontier located in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia and everyone is invited to come and experience the unknown, the unexplained, and the unseen world with amazing experiences reported nightly on tours, including the world's first UFO Adventure Tours presented..... This page is the index for our UFO reporting resource for the Worldwide as well as all countries around the world..... Visitors may use it to report a UFO in any of the following states, or in nearly every country worldwide including Afghanistan UFOs, Akrotiri UFOs, Albania UFOs, Algeria UFOs, American Samoa UFOs, Andorra UFOs, Angola UFOs, Anguilla UFOs, Antarctica UFOs, Antigua and Barbuda UFOs, Argentina UFOs, Armenia UFOs, Aruba UFOs, Ashmore and Cartier Islands UFOs, Australia UFOs, Austria UFOs, Azerbaijan UFOs, The Bahamas UFOs, Bahrain UFOs, Bangladesh UFOs, Barbados UFOs, Bassas da India UFOs, Belarus UFOs, Belgium UFOs, Belize UFOs, Benin UFOs, Bermuda UFOs, Bhutan UFOs, Bolivia UFOs, Bosnia and Herzegovina UFOs, Botswana UFOs, Bouvet Island UFOs, Brazil UFOs, British Indian Ocean Territory UFOs, British Virgin Islands UFOs, Brunei UFOs, Bulgaria UFOs, Burkina Faso UFOs, Burma UFOs, Burundi UFOs, Cambodia UFOs, Cameroon UFOs, Canada UFOs, Cape Verde UFOs, Cayman Islands UFOs, Central African Republic UFOs, Chad UFOs, Chile UFOs, China UFOs, Christmas Island UFOs, Clipperton Island UFOs, Cocos or Keeling Islands UFOs, Colombia UFOs, Comoros UFOs, Democratic Republic of the Congo UFOs, Republic of the Congo UFOs, Cook Islands UFOs, Coral Sea Islands UFOs, Costa Rica UFOs, Cote d'Ivoire UFOs, Croatia UFOs, Cuba UFOs, Cyprus UFOs, Czech Republic UFOs, Denmark UFOs, Dhekelia UFOs, Djibouti UFOs, Dominica UFOs, Dominican Republic UFOs, Ecuador UFOs, Egypt UFOs, El Salvador UFOs, Equatorial Guinea UFOs, Eritrea UFOs, Estonia UFOs, Ethiopia UFOs, Europa Island UFOs, Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas UFOs, Faroe Islands UFOs, Fiji UFOs, Finland UFOs, France UFOs, French Guiana UFOs, French Polynesia UFOs, French Southern and Antarctic Lands UFOs, Gabon UFOs, Gambia UFOs, Gaza Strip UFOs, Georgia UFOs, Germany UFOs, Ghana UFOs, Gibraltar UFOs, Glorioso Islands UFOs, Greece UFOs, Greenland UFOs, Grenada UFOs, Guadeloupe UFOs, Guatemala UFOs, Guernsey UFOs, Guinea UFOs, Guinea-Bissau UFOs, Guyana UFOs, Haiti UFOs, Heard Island and McDonald Islands UFOs, Holy See or Vatican City UFOs, Honduras UFOs, Hong Kong UFOs, Hungary UFOs, Iceland UFOs, India UFOs, Indonesia UFOs, Iran UFOs, Iraq UFOs, Ireland UFOs, Isle of Man UFOs, Israel UFOs, Italy UFOs, Jamaica UFOs, Jan Mayen UFOs, Japan UFOs, Jersey UFOs, Jordan UFOs, Juan de Nova Island UFOs, Kazakhstan UFOs, Kenya UFOs, Kiribati UFOs, North Korea UFOs, South Korea UFOs, Kuwait UFOs, Kyrgyzstan UFOs, Laos UFOs, Latvia UFOs, Lebanon UFOs, Lesotho UFOs, Liberia UFOs, Libya UFOs, Liechtenstein UFOs, Lithuania UFOs, Luxembourg UFOs, Macau UFOs, Macedonia UFOs, Madagascar UFOs, Malawi UFOs, Malaysia UFOs, Maldives UFOs, Mali UFOs, Malta UFOs, Marshall Islands UFOs, Martinique UFOs, Mauritania UFOs, Mauritius UFOs, Mayotte UFOs, Mexico UFOs, Federated States of Micronesia UFOs, Moldova UFOs, Monaco UFOs, Mongolia UFOs, Montserrat UFOs, Morocco UFOs, Mozambique UFOs, Namibia UFOs, Nauru UFOs, Navassa Island UFOs, Nepal UFOs, Netherlands UFOs, Netherlands Antilles UFOs, New Caledonia UFOs, New Zealand UFOs, Nicaragua UFOs, Niger UFOs, Nigeria UFOs, Niue UFOs, Norfolk Island UFOs, Northern Mariana Islands UFOs, Norway UFOs, Oman UFOs, Pakistan UFOs, Palau UFOs, Panama UFOs, Papua New Guinea UFOs, Paracel Islands UFOs, Paraguay UFOs, Peru UFOs, Philippines UFOs, Pitcairn Islands UFOs, Poland UFOs, Portugal UFOs, Qatar UFOs, Reunion UFOs, Romania UFOs, Russia UFOs, Rwanda UFOs, Saint Helena UFOs, Saint Kitts and Nevis UFOs, Saint Lucia UFOs, Saint Pierre and Miquelon UFOs, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines UFOs, Samoa UFOs, San Marino UFOs, Sao Tome and Principe UFOs, Saudi Arabia UFOs, Senegal UFOs, Serbia and Montenegro UFOs, Seychelles UFOs, Sierra Leone UFOs, Singapore UFOs, Slovakia UFOs, Slovenia UFOs, Solomon Islands UFOs, Somalia UFOs, South Africa UFOs, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands UFOs, Spain UFOs, Spratly Islands UFOs, Sri Lanka UFOs, Sudan UFOs, Suriname UFOs, Svalbard UFOs, Swaziland UFOs, Sweden UFOs, Switzerland UFOs, Syria UFOs, Taiwan UFOs, Tajikistan UFOs, Tanzania UFOs, Thailand UFOs, Timor-Leste UFOs, Togo UFOs, Tokelau UFOs, Tonga UFOs, Trinidad and Tobago UFOs, Tromelin Island UFOs, Tunisia UFOs, Turkey UFOs, Turkmenistan UFOs, Turks and Caicos Islands UFOs, Tuvalu UFOs, Uganda UFOs, Ukraine UFOs, United Arab Emirates UFOs, United Kingdom UFOs, Uruguay UFOs, Uzbekistan UFOs, Vanuatu UFOs, Venezuela UFOs, Vietnam UFOs, Wake Island UFOs, Wallis and Futuna UFOs, West Bank UFOs, Western Sahara UFOs, Yemen UFOs, Zambia UFOs, and Zimbabwe UFOs..... Thank you for visiting the Worldwide UFO Information and Research Center UFO Sightings and Encounters Reporting page for Nationwide UFO Sighting Reporting and Resources!!!!! *******