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09/03/1995 London, England I was watching from my balcony when I shot this video of a disc-shaped UFO which appears to land in a nearby parking lot and release a probe. After the disc disappears, the probe leaves in another direction. Anonymous
Click the image to play the video clip.
London England Disc and Probe UFO 1995

12/27-28/1980 Woodbridge, Suffolk, England I served in the U.S. Airforce for twenty-eight years. I retired in 1991 with the rank of Colonel. As of the date of this report I was the deputy base commander at the Anglo-American base RAF Bentwaters. Late in the...
Details Cont'd: evening on the 27th, continuing into the pre-dawn hours of December the 28th, in response to reports of unusual lights in nearby Rendalsham Forest, I led a team U.S.A.F. security policemen into the woods to investigate. This was the 2nd incident in as many days.

While in the forest our security team observed a light which appeared like a large red eye moving through the trees. After a few moments, the object began dripping something that looked like molten metal. A short while later, it broke into several smaller white colored objects which flew away in all directions.

Claims by skeptics that this was mearly a sweeping beam from a distant lighthouse are unfounded. My team and I could see the light from the unknown object and the light from the lighthouse at the same time and the lighthouse light was 35-40 degrees off from where we observed the strange phenomena.

Upon leaving the forest, we crossed a farmers field and as we did so one of the team pointed out three objects in the northern sky, white with multi-colored lights. They were elliptical at first, but as they maneuvered became more spherical. Stationary for a while and then started to move in sharp angular patterns. It appeared to me that they were doing a grid search.

About that time, another of our team noticed a similar object in the southern sky. Round in shape, the object came towards our position at a very high rate of speed. Upon coming to a full stop directly over us, the object shot a small pencil-like beam. It illuminated the ground about ten feet in front of us and we were all awestruck, wondering whether this was a signal, warning, or something else.

The beam suddenly went off and the object quickly receeded back into the sky and moved back toward the base, continuing to send down beams of light. At the time, the object was now just north of the main facility and I had great concerns about the purpose of these beams. Now very close to the Bentwaters weapons storage area, the object shot several beams down to the ground and there were other personnel over at the storage area talking about this on the two-way radio. Several airmen, who were present at that location, later told us that they had also seen the beams.

As part of my oath of security, I can not confirm, or deny that the weapons storage area held nuclear weapons. However, I am aware that other former, or retired U.S.A.F. security police working on the base at that time have gone on record to confirm the presence of such weapons during the time that this incident took place.

While I did not personally witness the activity reported to me on the night of December the 26th, I believe the objects I saw on the night of the 27th and morning of the 28th were extraterrestrial in origin. Using well practiced methods of disinformation, I believe that the security services of both England as well as the United States have attempted to subvert the significance of what occurred on those two December nights in 1980 and my affidavit of these facts is on record. Colonel Charles Halt, USAF, Retired

Click Here for further details on the incidents from December the 26th as reported by Airforce Personnel also assigned to the Bentwaters base in Woodbridge.

EDITOR'S NOTE: It should be noted that the experiences reported by well trained military officers and security personnel could not have been just the light from the nearby lighthouse as there were multiple objects reported by muliple eyewitnesses from several different vantage points. The photograph taken and included here is the security gate to Rendalsham Forest, still well protected to this day. Click the image to enlarge.Gate to Rendalsham Forest Suffolk England

12/25-26/1980 Woodbridge, Suffolk, England It was Christmas Night and I came on duty at 2300 hours. I was listening to radio chatter about some strange lights out in Rendalsham Forest which sets alongside the base. Col. Halt was out in the woods investigating...
Details Cont'd: Later that night, another set of lights appeared and I and another M.P., Sergeant Jim Penniston, was sent out into the Forest to investigate and see if we could determine what was happening.

When we arrived in a clearing, we saw an orange light in the distance and it started moving down towards us. I made a comment to Sergeant Peniston that I would like to get a closer look and he said, "Go for it!" As we started moving towards the light, it looked like it started moving towards us. As we approached the light, it suddenly flew over both of us, at which point I dropped to the ground and blacked out, or so I thought.

I have no memory of this, but my investigating partner said that as the object flew over, I actually "phased away" and came back! He said that I just vanished into thin air, and then I was back!

Well, we started walking back to the base and the strangest thing was that neither of us remembered anything from that moment on until the next day. Many people say that I was abducted, or taken, but in all honesty, I still really don't know what happened and the event has haunted me my whole life!

Since this event took place, I started to experience some serious health problems. My doctor found that I had a heart murmer, which I had never had before. I have had some strange eye problems, and at one point my gums turned white!

Because of these health issues, I went and filed a claim to obtain Veteran's military disability assistance benefits in 2012. When they began to investigate my eligibility, I was shocked to find that my records had been sealed and that they were now considered classified and top secret.

In addition, after going in to see the Doctor and answering a few questions regarding my claim for a nurse, she suddenly stopped me and said, "Hold on a second. There's an issue here... According to our records, you didn't enter the Air Force until 1982. We have no medical records going back before that time." That's when the 'stonewalling' started.

At this point, I went to see a Senior Staffer of the late Senator John McCain by the name of Cheryl Bennett. Living in Flagstaff, Arizona, she was able to use her skills to get around the military beaurocracy to get me my disability benefits. She later said that of all the Veterans that she had worked with, obtaining records for me was not only like pulling teeth, but that it was the most painful thing she'd ever had to do.

She said that she had never heard of the Rendalsham incident prior to meeting me, but is now convinced from the results of my injuries following the event and the level of secrecy over my case that this incident did happen and that the government is still engaged in a coverup. She said it's scary because it makes you wonder whatelse they are covering up and that they don't want us to know.

It should be noted that, to date, I still have never been able to obtain my medical records and the coverup seems to be continuing to this day. Airman John Burroughs, Normal, Illinois, USAF Military Policeman, Retired

Once again, click here for further details on the incidents from December the 26th as reported by Airforce Personnel also assigned to the Bentwaters base in Woodbridge.

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