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Canary Islands UFO Sightings & Experiences Reports


06/22/1976 Fuerteventura Island, Canary Islands My ship was the Navy's armed escort ship, the "Atrevida." We were located off the coast of Fuerteventura Island. At 9:27 PM, the "entire crew" saw an extremely bright yellow-blue light moving from the shore in the...
Details Cont'd: direction of our ship. We were about three and a half miles out to sea. At first, many of the crew thought they were seeing a conventional aircraft with it's landing lights on. But, as the lights faded, and a type of beam began to rotate, similar to a lighthouse effect we knew this was something else!

Afterwards, an intense halo of yellow and blue could be seen from the craft. We watched the craft for a full forty minutes while it appeared to be performing "tricks" with it's lights, as they would constantly change from one form to another. Although the lights were observed for a long period, no signature radar return was evident on the ship's equipment of any flying craft, but we could see it with our eyes.

A few moments later, this same phenomena was seen by residents on Canary Island, proper. The bulk of the sightings came in from citizens of three villages to include Galdar, Las Rosas, and Agaete. A cross section of professions were involved, a medical doctor, schoolteacher, farmer, taxi driver, and one housewife.

A thorough search of records by the Investigator Adjutant determined that there was "no aerial traffic, or military exercises at the time of the reports" that could possibly account for the unusual activity. Newspaper headlines the next morning proclaimed that thousands of people had witnessed a spectacular phenomena which lasted approximately twenty minutes. Anonymous Naval Captain, Atrevida, Spanish Navy

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Descubierta and Atrevida were twin corvettes of the Spanish Navy, custom-designed as identical special exploration and scientific research vessels. They were built at the same time for the Malaspina Expedition.

06/22/1976 Las Rosas, El Rosario, Canary Islands Although there were several sightings of a similar nature throughout the year of 1976 here on the islands, I live and work in the city of Guia. I am a medical doctor and this is my account of an incident that took place...
Details Cont'd: upon being contacted and requested to make a housecall. I commissioned a cab to take me to the address located in the village of Las Rosas. The driver and I were in the midst of very light conversation when we both experiences the unexpected!

On the way, suddenly, the car lights pointed out a slightly luminous object in the shape of a sphere. The object was either landed, or hovering just above the ground. The object was made of a totally transparent and crystalline-like material. I and driver both observed stars through the sphere. The object was bluish in color, with a radius of about one hundred feet. The lower part of the orb contained a platform of aluminum-like material with three consoles.

At each side of the center there were two huge figures from eight to ten feet tall. They were dressed in red, and always faced each other. The beings were humanoid in shape, with large heads covered with a type of helmet. I could hardly believe my eyes, and I asked for confirmation from the driver. When I ask if he could see it, he said, "My God! What is that?"

By now, we were only a short distance from my patient's home, and on arrival, I observed a blue smoke coming from a tube rising through the center of the object. The sphere began ascend, growing in size to an enormous shape as it rose into the sky. I ran into the house, and told the family about what he had seen and running outside, they could see the object, now high in the sky. It now began to move in the direction of Tenerfie and accelerated out of site!

Later, I discovered that another witness, who was a relative of the patient, was watching television when suddenly the screen went blank, and her dogs began to bark outside. Running to a window, she saw the my taxi, and the blue sphere hovering above it. She also noted that the sphere was transparent, with two beings inside. Shocked, she closed the windows and doors, and began to pray. Doctor Francisco Padron Leon

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