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01/10/2017 British Columbia We are reporting this for some friends in British Columbia who saw and photographed a large glowing ball in the sky above their house. When it was first sighted it had red and green lights whirling around the perimeter...
Details Cont'd: She ran into the house and grabbed her camera while her husband stayed outside to observe. When she returned, she snapped several photos, but the red and green lights had disappeared. Only the glowing ball remained. In looking at the photos she sent me, I would describe the glowing ball as an intense ball of energy such as plasma. It slowly moved away to the east and disappeared behind some trees. We will try to send along the photo but we are not too computer savvy. Doug and Ellen

EDITOR'S NOTE: We are still working to obtain the photos. We will post them here when and if they become available and are in hand.

10/04/1967 Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia On this particular evening, mulitple eyewitnesses reported four orange lights in the sky. Five teenagers watched these lights flash in sequence, and then suddenly dive in a forty-five degree angle toward the water's surface...
Details Cont'd: The witnesses were surprised that the lights did not dive into the water, but seemed to float on the water. They appeared to be about one-half mile from shore.

At first, some witnesses suspected that they were watching a tragic airplane crash, and quickly reported it as such to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which was located at Barrington Passage. Ironically, RCMP Constable Ron Pound had already witnessed the strange lights himself as he drove down Highway 3 while on his way to Shag Harbor. Pound felt that he was seeing four lights, all attached to one flying craft. He estimated the craft to be approximately sixty feet long. Constable Pound made his way to the shore to get a closer look at the phenomenal sight. He was accompanied by Police Corporal Victor Werbieki, Contable Ron O'Brien, and other local residents. Pound clearly saw a yellow light slowly moving on the water, leaving a yellowish foam in it's wake. All eyes were glued on the light, as it slowly either moved out further and became too distant to be seen, or dipped into the icy waters below.

Coast Guard Cutter 101 and other local boats rushed to the spot of the sighting, but by the time they arrived, the light itself was gone. However, the crewmen could still see the yellow foam, indicating that something had possibly submerged. Nothing else could be found that night, and the search was called off at 3 AM. The RCMP ran a check with the Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax, and NORAD radar at Baccaro. They were told that there were no missing civilian, or military aircraft reported that evening.

The following day, the Rescue Coordination Center filed a report to Canadian Forces Headquarters in Ottawa. The official report stated that something had hit the water in Shag Harbor, but the object was of "unknown origin." The HMCS Granby was ordered to Shag Harbor, where divers searched the bottom of the ocean for several days, but without results and many thought the Shag Habor incident was over.

New evidence has uncovered that the search and recovery operations continued beyond that night for at least a week beyond the initial sightings. Apparently, the object that dove into the waters of the harbor had soon left the Shag area, traveling underwater for about twenty-five miles to a place called Government Point, near a submarine detection base.

It was there that the object was spotted on sonar and Naval vessels were positioned over it. After a couple of days, the military had a salvage operation planned when a second UFO joined the first. Common belief at the time was that the second craft had arrived to render aid to the first.

The Navy paused their salvage operation to wait and watch to see what would happen and after about a week of monitoring the two UFOs, some of the vessels were called to investigate a Russian submarine which had entered Canadian waters. It was at this point that the two USOs, or unidentified submersible objects, made their move. Making their way to the Gulf of Maine, effectively putting distance between themselves and the Navy ships, they broke the surface and shot off into the skies!

Unfortunately, the reports were given "off the record", but both civilian and military eyewitnesses have come forward to validate the incident. Ex-military personnel feared the loss of their pensions, and civilian witnesses feared ridicule as well as the loss of their privacy. S.A. McGee, Founder and Director, U.S. UFO Center

06/18/1967 Northern Ontario We were taking a boat ride on a northern Ontario lake while visiting friends and way back to the cabin where we were staying. Suddenly, we were shocked to see a brilliant object hovering silently about fifty feet above treeline,
Details Cont'd: approximately one-quarter of a mile away. Slowing the boat, we made a turn to get a better, full view of this object. Then, suddenly the object begins to pick up speed, racing straight toward us! My husband reved up the seventy-five horsepower motor and we were headed back to the lakeshore.

We had just got to shore and exited the boat when we looked back and noticed that the object was now back in the same place where we had intially spotted it. After a few minutes we decided to try going further down the lake to our neighbor's house. Shortly after launching into the water, the object again plunges towards us. Again, outracing the craft back to the shore, we ditched the boat and ran to another house.

When they came to door, we excitedly pointed out the reason for our disturbing their night of rest and now there were several more witnesses to this unusual, brilliant object. It again was seen to hover above the trees that surrounded the lake. We observed it for another ten to fifteen minutes until it raced off into the night toward the west-northwest.

We made a full report of the incident to Canada's National Defense team who investigated it, thoroughly. In speaking with other witnesses in the area, they discovered that the object caused the trees to move below it, as it hovered. The craft and the moon could be seen simultaneously. And, the object was a traditional oval shape with a dome on top, estimated to be twenty-five to thirty feet across, and ten to fifteen feet in height. No ever heard any sound from the craft and one witness said his radio suddenly went dead when the object appeared, but worked fine after its departure from the area.

The investigative team discovered a number of broken, wilted limbs directly below where the object had hovered. An analysis was made in Winnipeg, and the results of that examination was that no reasonable explanation could be offered for the damage to the tree limbs. The report also stated that the limbs showed signs of heat, and the samples contained no diseases or insect infestation. Anonymous

EDITOR'S NOTE: This case was anonymously reported to researcher, Dr. Peter Millman of the National Research Council of Canada, as well as the Canadian Department of National Defense.

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