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09/04/2009 Afghanistan I was assigned tower duty in the forward operating base. That night, I saw something that changed my life. It was a clear sky and the stars were out everywhere. I kept hearing an aircraft moving overhead while I was...
Details Cont'd: standing guard on the watch tower, but I couldn't see it. After a few moments of trying to see it with the unaided eye I decided to put on my infrared googles that records in night vision and in thermal. I could then see a jet making it's way across the sky going about five to six hundred miles per hour.

All of the sudden, another object enters the field of view and went from one side of the sky to the position of the aircraft I was watching in just a second, or two. It would go from one side of the aircraft to the other, then down below it, above it, stop and be completely still and it did this for several minutes until it shoots straight up and out of site.

I was in shock thinking how could something make those kinds of manuevers without killing the pilot. The object moved around the jet making right angle turns at hyper velocities without slowing down and stop on a dime. What ever this was, it was nothing I have ever seen before and wasn't not like any type of aircraft I had ever seen. If it wasn't for the thermal vision, no one could have seen this.

In my journal the next day, at 11:56 AM that morning, I wrote, "Last night was fun! Something wierd that will confuse me for life! In my thermal scan I could see plane flying overhead in 'Black L Mode'. If it wasn't for the thermal imaging, no one could see it. Not even night vision. I don't believe in UFOs, or anything, but something flew up to the plane faster than a missile and stopped, looped over it so fast, then stopped, went around it, and took off so fast at mach speeds in a zig-zag pattern, then up and down and stopped again."

When you see something that defies science and are a person of faith, and I am a person of faith, something like this is a faith shaker. The last line in my journal was, "I'll forever wonder." Justin Doerfler, Specialist, United States Army

EDITOR'S NOTE: The video clip, demonstrating instantaneous acceleration to speeds greater than thirty-seven hundred miles per hour and right angle turns, which has been included here, is a recreation of what the witness described and not an actual recording of the event. It is a close approximation, according to the eyewitness of what he actually saw. Click the image to the right of this text to play the video clip.Afghanistan UFO 2004

Afghanistan UFO Case Form

The following simple form offers Afghanistan experiencers of UFOs and Close Encounters as well as other strange and unexplained phenomena a quick and hassle free way to submit and document these encounters. Your privacy and complete discretion is paramount, but if you prefer proper credit to the author, please check the appropriate box below to indicate it is alright to use your name with the report. If you would like to speak to someone with regard to your case please ensure that you include a valid phone number along with all other pertinent details and a make a comment to that affect in the "Comments" area of the form. We thank you for taking time to visit our site and share your Afghanistan UFO, Afghanistan UAP, or Afghanistan USO Experience.

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Afghanistan Incident Report: Please describe the experience in great detail concentrating on accuracy. Include information on your surroundings, the weather, time of day, direction of travel of the subject of interest as well as all other pertinent information as it pertains to your case. These can include strange odors, sounds, temperature changes, physical effects on both person and environment, as well as general overall feelings. In short, no detail is too small as not to include it in your report as this data may prove interesting as it relates to other similar cases by comparison. This can lead to recognizable patterns of behavior as well as previously observed patterns in nature which can, in turn, lead to new discoveries, hypotheses, and theories regarding various as yet unexplained phenomena. Thank you for taking the time to submit your Afghanistan UFO sighting or experience report.

As always, your privacy is assured and your information will never be distributed to any other entity. For added discretion, you may click on the following button to indicate whether, or not you would like your name to be used with your Afghanistan UFO Case Form.
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Thank you or taking the time to report your Afghanistan UFO sighting, alien contact or abduction, or other Afghanistan UFO, UAP, or USO close encounter experience. Wishing you clear skies and...

Happy Afghanistan UFO Skywatching

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