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11/1991 Marysville, Washington My brother and I were camping out on the second floor balcony of our home. I was about thirteen years old and he was a few years younger then me. We were laying awake talking at around 9 PM to 10 PM. As we were...
Details Cont'd: laying awake talking and looking at the sky, this huge glowing blue-green object with a huge wingspan flew over our balcony moving from east to west. It made no noise.

We fumbled for our flashlights, but it was gone before we could get them. It appeared to be about two to three hundred feet up and disappeared beyond the trees. If it was any higher based on the sheer size of it it could be no known aircraft.

My brother and I have talked about this before but never told anyone with the exception of close friends. We are not sure of what we saw. I just am curious if there have been any other similar descriptions of what we saw. I am hoping someone somewhere saw it and might have a better understanding of what it was.

My father tried saying it was a plane but that doesn't fit unless planes can light up like a glowstick and not make sound passing low over the treeline. In addition, this object, while glowing, did not cast any light on us. We couldn't see around us any better that before it appeared. The shape reminded of a bird gliding. Wings outstretched, head and neck extended fully. Duane

06/26/1947 Mount Rainier, Washington I was a pilot from Boise, Idaho and was working for the United States Forest Service at the time. They had me searching for a missing plane. While flying near Mount Rainier over the Cascade Mountain Range, at...
Details Cont'd: around 3 PM, I saw nine "saucer-like" objects flying at an "incredible" speed estimated to be at an altitude of approximately ten thousand feet. I could not begin to hazard a guess as to what they were. They were flying between Mount Rainier and Mount Adams. They appeared to weave in and out of formation. I clocked them and estimated their speed at twelve hundred miles per hour!

Following my experience, I spoke to another witness from Ukiah, Oregon who said that he had also seen similar objects over the mountains near his home. It seems impossible, but there it is. Kenneth Arnold

EDITOR'S NOTE: In a briefing dated 11/18/1952, an unknown author wrote...

"On 24 June, 1947, a civilian pilot, flying over the Cascade Mountains in the State of Washington observed nine flying disc-shaped aircraft travelling in formation at a high rate of speed.

Although this was not the first known sighting of such objects, it was the first to gain widespread attention in the public media. Hundreds of reports of sightings of similar objects followed. Many of these came from highly credible military and civilian sources.

These reports resulted in independent efforts by several different elements of the military to ascertain the nature and purpose of these objects in the interests of national defense. A number of witnesses were interviewed and there were several unsuccessful attempts to utilize aircraft in efforts to pursue reported discs in flight. Public reaction bordered on near hysteria at times." Anonymous

EDITOR'S NOTE: In closing, the craft that the pilot witnessed are now thought to have been boomerang-shaped by many modern day researchers. The image to the right of this text is a copy of one of the original articles published on the Kenneth Arnold incident. This one is from the Chicago Sun, dated Thursday, June 26th, 1947. By the way, this was just days before the Roswell Incident, which is thought by so many to have crystalized government secrecy concerning the subject of UFOs. Click the image to enlarge.Kenneth Arnold Chicago Sun Article

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The following simple form offers Washington experiencers of UFOs and Close Encounters as well as other strange and unexplained phenomena a quick and hassle free way to submit and document these encounters. Your privacy and complete discretion is paramount, but if you prefer proper credit to the author, please check the appropriate box below to indicate it is alright to use your name with the report. If you would like to speak to someone with regard to your case please ensure that you include a valid phone number along with all other pertinent details and a make a comment to that affect in the "Comments" area of the form. We thank you for taking time to visit our site and share your Washington UFO, Washington UAP, or Washington USO Experience.

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Washington Incident Report: Please describe the experience in great detail concentrating on accuracy. Include information on your surroundings, the weather, time of day, direction of travel of the subject of interest as well as all other pertinent information as it pertains to your case. These can include strange odors, sounds, temperature changes, physical effects on both person and environment, as well as general overall feelings. In short, no detail is too small as not to include it in your report as this data may prove interesting as it relates to other similar cases by comparison. This can lead to recognizable patterns of behavior as well as previously observed patterns in nature which can, in turn, lead to new discoveries, hypotheses, and theories regarding various as yet unexplained phenomena. Thank you for taking the time to submit your Washington UFO sighting or experience report.

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Thank you or taking the time to report your Washington UFO sighting, alien contact or abduction, or other Washington UFO, UAP, or USO close encounter experience. Wishing you clear skies and...

Happy Washington UFO Skywatching

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