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07/29/2022 Bristol, Virginia The large triangular-shaped craft depicted in the photograph below was observed by multiple eyewitnesses who were gathered to participate in the haunted and historic Bristol GhostWalk, a lantern-led ghost and...
Details Cont'd: history tour of the town. The craft was observed for over an hour and simply appeared out of nowhere in a partly cloudy sky and hover over the city for one to two hours. The craft never moved out of position, remaining completely stationary for the entire length of the sighting. There was no sound, no searchlight on the ground to produce this effect, no moon that night as it was a "new moon", and no practical explanation which could be proposed for the strange sight.

In addtion, one moment it would seem to be completely illuminated just above the cloud layer and other times it would appear completely black. The photograph shows the illuminated stage. The short video clip, also included to the right of this text, shows the darker stage.

The strange sight has never appeared before, or since that night, or on any other tour, even with low clouds present and in similar weather conditions. This bizzare incident left everyone in the group with the strangest feeling, and all were at a loss to explain what it was that we saw that night. S.A. McGee, Tour Director, Appalachian GhostWalks.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photograph taken and video recording that was made during this multiple eyewitness encounter has been examined and scrutinized and appears compeletely genuine with no evidence of a hoax, or digital manipulation of any kind. Click on the images to right of this text to enlarge, or play the video clip.Bristol Virginia Triangle UFO July 2022Bristol Virginia Triangle UFO Video Clip

01/15/2016 Nickelsville, Virginia I was awakened after midnight by my dog barking to see a blue-white light ascend from my floor through the ceiling. I grabbed my flashlight to see if my Doberman was alright, but I could already see she was...
Details Cont'd: fine due to a light source. When I looked out the window to to see where the light was coming from I saw a disc-shaped object with different colored lights rotating counterclockwise. I stared at it for a moment and felt something say, "Come with us." Then I felt myself saying, "No." I stared at it for what seemed like five minutes and it then turned into a bright ball of white light and shot straight up into the night sky until it looked like just another star.

I woke my sister and told her. The next day I woke up with a mark on my face like it slept on something but I didn't. That mark is still there and it is a scar that I will have to live with the rest of my life. I just want to know what is really going on... Marcus A.

01/03/2016 Roanoke and Blacksburg, Virginia I was home to Galax on I-81 south and while passing through Roanoke and then Blacksburg I noticed something strange in both locations. In each case there was a very bright orb which seemed to hover...
Details Cont'd: over the Interstate. These were perhaps three to four times taller than any cell phone tower so I knew that wasn't a solid explanation. The one I saw over Roanoke was blinking, but the one over Blacksburg was just shining brightly. There were many signs to indicate that the State of Virginia was using aircraft to check for speeders, but these lights could not have been any type of regular aircraft, such as a helicopter, or plane. Did anyone else see these? Wendy H.

07/2014 Virginia Beach, Virginia In the summer of 2014, I was based at the Naval Base "Oceana" at Virginia Beach. I don't know when these experience really began for my squadron, called the "Red Rippers". That summer, we were running training...
Details Cont'd: exercises up and down the east coast when they started picking up mysterious radar tracks. We didn't really think anything about what we were picking up at first as we thought that it might be some kind of malfunction with the newly upgraded onboard tracking systems. Not an actual physical object in the air. That changed when we saw one with our own eyes!

What we started seeing was a cube within a sphere with the points of the cube just touching outside the sphere. Where ever we could go, they were there with us, whether we were just off the east coast of the Virginia, or we were on deployment elsewhere. That could me one of two things. Either they were already there as global phenomenon, or they were following our Strike Group. But, we saw them every time we flew.

It wasn't until one of these object flew between two of our aircraft within one hundred and fifty feet, which could have caused a terrifying mid-air collision, that these objects began to become worrisome. At this point, I and the other senior officers in our squadron decided to submit a safety report. There was no investigation. Lt. Ryan Graves, United States Navy Pilot

Click Here to investigate other UFO interactions with early United States nuclear, missle, and rocket testing during the mid-1900s, especially with editorials presented by contributing author, Clark McCelland.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The image to the right is a recreation of what the witness experienced when one of the cube within a sphere objects passed between his and another pilot's aircraft, nearly causing a dangerous mid-air collision. The witness holds a degree in aerospace engineering and has taught other pilots around the world. His credibility is beyond reproach. Click the image to enlarge.Red Rippers Squadron Cube within Sphere UFO

10/25/2010 Heathsville, Virginia I saw something in the sky not a meteor. It was one large light very bright going from south toward the west it made no noise moving extremely fast. Then the object split in to three balls of light which took off and quickly disapeared. Niki

01/11/2007 Virginia Beach, Virginia On Edwin Drive near Providence Road, there was a huge UFO a bit above the tall tree tops. It had huge head lights on either side and glowed. It appeared to be shiny silver in color and made no noise at all. There was no other car around at the moment. I turned around and went home. Linda

2006-2007 Wheeling, Virginia I have seen a very beautiful, strobing, diamond shaped ufo. As I thought towards it it seemed to respond to my thoughts. My experiences started when I was about four years old. My mother also recalled seeing a saucer
Details Cont'd: once in Wheeling, WV when she was a child. She stated she remembered it coming closer and then she "blacked" out. Recently she came to visit me and and my nephew and I woke her up around 2:15 am to come outside and watch this multicolored UFO. Me, my girlfriend and neighbor watched it. She stated that it was the same one she had seen twice last year. Just in the last year or so have a come to terms with what has been going on in my life as I have had many sightings. I have been lucky enough to photograph a few and also my friends, neighbors and my girlfriend have been seeing them. Joe

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The following simple form offers Virginia experiencers of UFOs and Close Encounters as well as other strange and unexplained phenomena a quick and hassle free way to submit and document these encounters. Your privacy and complete discretion is paramount, but if you prefer proper credit to the author, please check the appropriate box below to indicate it is alright to use your name with the report. If you would like to speak to someone with regard to your case please ensure that you include a valid phone number along with all other pertinent details and a make a comment to that affect in the "Comments" area of the form. We thank you for taking time to visit our site and share your Virginia UFO, Virginia UAP, or Virginia USO Experience.

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Virginia Incident Report: Please describe the experience in great detail concentrating on accuracy. Include information on your surroundings, the weather, time of day, direction of travel of the subject of interest as well as all other pertinent information as it pertains to your case. These can include strange odors, sounds, temperature changes, physical effects on both person and environment, as well as general overall feelings. In short, no detail is too small as not to include it in your report as this data may prove interesting as it relates to other similar cases by comparison. This can lead to recognizable patterns of behavior as well as previously observed patterns in nature which can, in turn, lead to new discoveries, hypotheses, and theories regarding various as yet unexplained phenomena. Thank you for taking the time to submit your Virginia UFO sighting or experience report.

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Thank you or taking the time to report your Virginia UFO sighting, alien contact or abduction, or other Virginia UFO, UAP, or USO close encounter experience. Wishing you clear skies and...

Happy Virginia UFO Skywatching

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