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05/05/2021 West Jordan, Utah My son was playing basketball and yelled for me to come outside. He, his girlfriend, and my other son were present with me and we saw seven "stars" moving in a straight line. I said "those aren't stars." I tried to get...
Details Cont'd: my phone out to record, but then they were just gone. Disappeared. I went back inside. About twenty minutes later he was again calling for me. I ran out and he pointed west. He said look at them now. We now saw what I estimate was about forty to sixty of these lights, much closer together this time and also flying in a straight line. There were lights on the apartment, so I tried to run to get away from the lights to record, and again... they were gone. Just vanished! Kristi A.

EDITOR'S NOTE: While we know that Starlink satellites began launching into orbit as of May 2019, we can't rule out the possibility that what the multiple eyewitnesses reported was something more than the latest addition to the Starlink "constellation".

1977 Saint George, Utah Our family was camping in an area south to southeast of Saint George. We had set camp up after dark and were busy outside the camper while my mom was making sandwiches. While working, we started picking...
Details Cont'd: up on a strong odor that smelled like a dead cow. Just then, we noticed a glowing light south of us about half a mile, or so from our camp. It was very low to the ground and very large didn't seem to move. There was no road south of where we camped for us to get any closer to the glowing object. However, the smell got stronger as time past. It became unbearable to the point it made me sick to my stomach. We didn't want to move camp because of the lateness of the hour, but the smell was so strong that I was breathing through my sleeping bag and we were inside the camper!

I don't know how I went to sleep, but I did, when I woke up in the morning there was no smell. My dad woke before me and he had gone looking for whatever had created the odor. I did the same, but neither of us found any animal tracks, or other evidence that anything was out of place or amiss. We marked the area on our map and we have always wanted to go back there, but never have. I felt like there something there, just outside our camp. I don't know what the smell was, or what the light could have been. In addition, I have never heard of anyone having the same experience. If anyone has, I would really like to know. Please report it! Nick

EDITOR'S NOTE: There have been numberous reports of cattle mutilations having taken place where UFOs have been sighted in Utah as well as other southwestern states. This was especially widespread in the 1970s. In addition, there have been numerous reports that UFOs are seen over areas where Bigfoot has been sighted, or evidence of the presence of such as been documented. What the interest in these creatures are is still a mystery to modern science, but either of these possibilities could apply to this particular case. Accordingly, this report will appear both here and in the ARC Utah Bigfoot Sightings Database.

02/28/1959 Cedar City, Utah I was returning from a leave of absence in Nampa, Idaho and was driving back to Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas where I was serving as a Nike Missile Technician. I had just turned southeast on Route 14 when I saw a glowing...
Details Cont'd: object which crossed the sky from right to left in front of my vehicle. I stopped the car and got out to get a better look and I watched it until it disappeared behind a ridge.

My first thought was that a large airplane was making a forced landing and I thought these people might need help. So, I wrote a note to leave in the car which read, "Have gone to investigate possible plane crash. PLease call Law Enforcement Officers." I attached it to the steering wheel, and using shoe polish, I wrote "STOP" on the side of my car! Then, I headed on up the ridge, by foot, in the direction of the "crash".

On 02 March 1959, I awoke in Cedar City Hospital and was completely unaware of how I got there. I later learned that a Fish and Game Inspector stopped to investigate the scene about thirty minutes after I left my car and immediately took my note to the Cedar City Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Otto Pfief quickly organized a search party and headed for the sight, where after an hour's search, they found me in the area.

When I came to, the first thing I said was, "Were there any survivors?" I then learned that I had been unconscious for twenty-three hours and that the search team which had found me could find no evidence of a plane crash. The Doctor, however, told me that while I was unconcious, I kept mumbling, "jacket on the bush." When I came to, I felt fine. But, I was puzzled by the strange object I had seen. In addition, I couldn't figure out why I was not wearing my jacket when they found me, nor could I remember what happened to it.

They flew me to Fort Bliss, where they put me under observation at William Beaumont Hospital for four days. While I returned to duty afterward, they revoked my security clearance. A couple of days later, I went walking at the base and I fainted. While I recovered almost immediately, on Sunday, March the 15th, I fainted again while walking on an El Paso street.

This time, I was taken to Southwest General Hospital. Reportedly, my condition was very similar to that in Cedar City. I awoke at 2 AM that Monday morning, and again my first question was, "Were there any survivors?" I actually thought it was February the 28th all over again! I was shocked when I was told it was now two weeks later!!

They then took me back to William Beaumont Hospital where I was placed back under observation in the psychiatric ward. After a month's stay, I was released and deemed "normal" by Captain Valentine. Private First Class, Gerry Irwin

EDITOR'S NOTE: Private Irwin's condition was anything but normal. In fact, this entire case has had a certain "paranormal" bouquet about it since it was first reported.

The very next day, after Private Irwin's release, and seemingly without provocation, he left the fort without leave, caught a bus to Cedar City and arrived on a Sunday afternoon, April the 19th. Apparently, he was trying to return to the scene of his the above encounter.

Once there, he went right to his missing jacket and found a pencil stuck in a button hole with a piece of paper wrapped around it. He took the paper and burnt it and reportedly came out of his "trance" where he headed back to his "car" which he thought was still parked at the bottom of the ridge. Not finding it, he called the Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Pfief refreshed his memory, after which he returned to Fort Bliss.

Once back at the base, he underwent another psychiatric work-up, yielding the same results as the first. His case was reviewed by the Inspector General, who ordered a more complete exam. On July the 10th, the Private again entered Beaumont Hospital. After being released, he did not report for duty on August the 1st. A month later, he was listed as AWOL and Irwin was never seen again.

Was this a UFO case with missing time? The case remains unexplained to this day.

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Thank you or taking the time to report your Utah UFO sighting, alien contact or abduction, or other Utah UFO, UAP, or USO close encounter experience. Wishing you clear skies and...

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