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North Dakota UFO Sightings & Experiences Reports


08/24/2011 Bismark, North Dakota I saw a craft hovering over water on the east side of highway 83 between Bismark and Wilton. The object appeared to have sat something down into the water using a beam of light and then flew off into...
Details Cont'd: the night sky. The object made no sound, except when it deployed something into the water. I'm not sure, but there may have been a "fish kill" there. When the craft deployed the object into the water, I heard a 'thud' and a 'swoosh' sound. As a side note, the beam of light that the craft used to lower the object into the water appeared to have what I can only describe as "all sorts of particles" inside it. The appearance of the craft was a very shiny gold color surrounded by an orange glow. Between the vessel and the light was a green, gassy plume - almost like a smoke. I was able to get very close and was able to get a very good look at the front and back of craft. So sorry, but I did not get any pictures. David

EDITOR'S NOTE: To our knowledge, no physical investigation of the site where the object was seen to have interacted with the surface, over the body of water, has yet been, or was ever conducted.

2004 Galesburg, North Dakota I was out bow hunting with a friend when we saw an object come up to a dead end road. It was about fourteen feet long and four foot wide shaped like a log. It started making noise and ramping up there was...
Details Cont'd: a light on front that got brighter as it got louder. All of the sudden, the craft shot off across a tree belt that was approximately one mile in length, taking no more than one second and was gone!

After a few moments, we decided to get out of the truck and went down to a ‘gully’ where we were going to hunt. All the sudden the fields around us lit up so bright u could hardly see. My flashlight and Motorolas stopped working. No bug sounds or anything at all. Just dead silence. We were hiding and all the sudden my flashlight and Motorola s came back on. That scared us bad when that happened.

All the bugs and sounds came back and the light faded out. I don't remember walking back to my truck. I can t remember to this day. That part I don t understand did I just forget that part or what? It was a very weird experience and I won't ever forget it, that's for sure. Of course, nobody ever believes me, but it is all true. I can guarantee you that! Justin M.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The witness was unsure of the exact date, but was sure it was in 2004.

2003 McClusky, North Dakota I live in Sheridan County, North Dakota which was, at one time, home to more nuclear silos than anywhere else in the United States. I am a retired weapons specialist from nearby Minot Air Force Base where I served...
Details Cont'd: for eleven years. I was reponsible for loading weapons on bombers. The base, which has been one of the most highly weaponized places on earth in the past, lies approximately seventy-five miles to the northwest of my home. It was the only base in America where you had both long range nuclear missles as well as strategic nuclear bombers.

On this particular evening, I and another eyewitnessed watched an object come out of the southeast at about one hundred and forty-four degrees of the compass. The strange appearance of the object really peaked my curiosity as to what kind of craft this could be so I continued watching as it approached my position.

As it got closer toward my home, we noticed that the object had brighter lights in the front and smaller lights on the side. The lighting looked more vertical than horizontal, unlike any regular type of aircraft I was familiar with and when it was close enough I could see that it had windows! It was now so close that I could see the bottom of the craft, which was approximately two hundred feet up and about one hundred feet wide.

I could now clearly see that the object was diamond-shaped and it came to a stop at which time all of the lights went out. Then, suddenly a white glow appeared on the back of the craft at which point it shot straight up and was gone in a second. Larry Guessner

EDITOR'S NOTE: The image to the right of this text is a recreation of the object described by the witness. It should be noted that the witness was a former Sheriff in his County of residence who was highly trained to pay close attention to detail. Also, it should be noted that the object may not have been seen close to nuclear facilities intentionally and this might have been coincidence. Click the images to englarge.McClusky North Dakota Diamond Shaped UFO 2003McClusky North Dakota UFO 2003

1966 Minot, North Dakota Military personnel say that a UFO hovered over Minot AFB. Allegedly, one of the nuclear missles activated when it first appeared and then deactivated when it vanished. No description of the object was given. Anonymous

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Thank you or taking the time to report your North Dakota UFO sighting, alien contact or abduction, or other North Dakota UFO, UAP, or USO close encounter experience. Wishing you clear skies and...

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