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12/1/1989 Manhattan, New York I was concious and aware of what was happening to me for part of this experience. The rest came from hypnotic regression as well as from five different eyewitnesses who observed it from multiple vantage points. My...
Details Cont'd: experience began at 3 AM on the morning of December 1st, or the evening of November the 30th, depending on how you look at it. I recalled, vividly, the actual "kidnapping" and the room to which I was taken by the so-called "greys" who came and took me from my bedroom. They actually floated me through a closed bedroom window, as mulitple eyewitnesses watched it all unfold from the ground!

I was seen to have been "floated" up into a hovering UFO and there were several little grey beings floating along side me, apparently accompanying me on my short trip up into the craft. I had no memory of the transportation from my room, or the means by which I arrived in the craft that was waiting above my Manhattan apartment building. Thank goodness there were people who were later interviewed who had seen this!

Amongst the witnesses were two men who were bodyguards of the United Nations representative, Javier Perez de Cuellar. Cuellar was the former Secretary General of the United Nations. All three of these men agreed perfectly with my account in interviews conducted by Budd Hopkins, but Cuellar, for obvious and understandible reasons, would not go public with the corroboration.

A bit later, two additional eyewitnesses came forward and these were people who did not know me and had never met me. In the interviews, they stated that they had seen the abduction that night from their position on the Brooklyn Bridge and thought they were watching the filming of a scene from an upcoming sci-fi film.

In the aftermath of my encounter, I had a harrowing experience with one of the bodyguards who had witnessed my abduction. It became clear that the high-level of security clearance and professionalism required for the two bodyguards' positions was no help for them in dealing with what they had seen.

What they saw that night would become a curse to them and have a deep impact on their lives. They would become irrational and psychotic! One of them began to think of me as having some unusual, or extraordinary power of influence and began to stalk me, blaming me for his emotional behavior and fear. He even kidnapped me at one point!

To this day, there have been no new facts, or claims to refute my story, or any of the other eyewitnesses to this bizarre alien abduction. Linda Napolitano

EDITOR'S NOTE: This case was well researched by Budd Hopkins who wrote the book "Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copely Woods".

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