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New Hampshire UFO Sightings & Experiences Reports


11/02/2022 Plaistow, New Hampshire I constantly have my eye on the sky, and I constantly see various craft moving with a spinning motion as well as emitting a faint light beam. At least, that’s how it appears to me. Lately, I’ve been seeing triangular-shaped...
Details Cont'd: formations and there is alot of activity tonight, as of the date of this report. I know that these are not meteors as these do not move back and forth, or have what appear to be military planes following, or chasing them. I am convinced that our government know that they are here. John

08/12/2013 Manchester, New Hampshire I saw a triangular object moving very slowly toward the west over Manchester. It was rust colored with 3 white lights, one on each corner. I watched it for nearly thirty minutes before losing site of it. It didn't scare me...
Details Cont'd: and I was not afraid. I like seeing them. I believe they come here to visit us and that people should not hate them. I have read about UFOs for more than thirty years and enjoy talking to people about the subject. Michael L.

09/03/1965 Kensington, New Hampshire I was hitchhiking back to my house in Exeter on Route 150. It was a cold, autumn night about 2 AM. I first noticed an unusual light in the dark skies. The light became an object, which suddenly came from...
Details Cont'd: the sky towards me. It was approximately ninety feet in diameter, with bright, beaming lights that appeared around it's rim. Silently, the object began to wobble, and floated toward me. My fear of actually being hit caused me to fall to the ground by the side of the road.

At the last moment, the object floated away. I took this opportunity to jump up and run to a nearby house, pounding on the front door. It was the home of Carl Dining. No one answered my frantic plea for help.

Meanwhile, at the Exeter Police Station, Officer Eugene Bertrand receives a call from a frightened woman, who states that a large, silent object with flashing lights had followed her car for twelve miles from the city of Epping to a spot on the road where she pulled off in fear. After she stopped her automobile, the strange object had disappeared into the night. Bertrand did not make an official report on the woman's call, believing it to be untrue.

Not finding anyone at the farmhouse, I ran back into the road, and flagged down a passing car. A middle-aged couple came to my aid. They drove me to the Exeter Police Station. Full of excitement, I began to recount the events of the last hour on Route 150. The desk Officer, Reginald "Scratch" Toland, was convinced that something had happened, and radios to Officer Bertrand, who was now on patrol.

At about 3 AM, Bertrand arrives at the station, and after hearing my story, he now thinks he may have discounted the earlier call from the woman too quickly. Convinced that my story was real, Officer Bertrand took me back to the spot on Route 150 where the incident began. At this point, Bertrand had no idea what was ahead for him.

Arriving at the scene, we scanned the area, and at first, we saw nothing out of the ordinary. By the road, there was a large open field, the house that I had visited, and a horse corral. We began to walk out into the open field in the direction of the horse corral.

The horses seem to be a little edgy, and suddenly dogs begin to bark. From behind two pine trees, an object begins to rise, lighting the whole area with a reddish hue. I screamed, "I see it! I see it!" Bertrand said, "My God, I see the damn thing myself!"

Bertrand had been in the Air Force for four years, and knew military aircraft. He would later insist, "This wasn't like anything I had ever seen before."

Like a leaf floating, the object slowly moves toward us and we scurried back to the police car. The object was now hovering about one hundred feet above the ground, some fifty yards from the car. The object's light was so intense, that it was difficult to make out its shape. The lights emanating from the craft would dim and then brighten, from left to right, and then right to left. After a few moments, the object began to slowly move away from us in the direction of the city of Hampton.

At this very moment, another Policeman, David Hunt, arrives at the scene to witness the craft in the sky, as it fades out of sight. In a matter of minutes, the craft was sighted in Hampton, and a report was made to Pease Air Force Base.

Mrs. Virginia Hale, a reporter for the Haverhill Gazette, also saw the unknown craft from her kitchen window, as it hovered over a neighbor's house for about four minutes. Her's was just one of many other reported sightings of a similar craft in and around the Exeter area over the next several weeks. Norman Muscarello

EDITOR'S NOTE: In 1965, in the city of Exeter, New Hampshire, a series of UFO sightings took place which gained vast media attention, and became the subject of a book on the subject titled, "Incident at Exeter," by John G. Fuller. The sensational happenings were also featured in a two-part article in "Look" magazine.

09/19/1961 Lincoln, New Hampshire It was around 10:30 PM and we were driving back to Portsmouth from a vacation in Niagara Falls and Montreal. Just south of Lancaster, I observed a bright point of light in the sky that moved from below the Moon and...
Details Cont'd: the planet Jupiter, upward to the west of the Moon. While Barney navigated U.S. Route 3, I reasoned that what I was seeing was a falling star. However, it only moved upward. In fact, it moved quite erratically and grew bigger and brighter.

At that point, I urged Barney to stop the car for a closer look, as well as to walk the dog, Delsey. Barney stopped at a scenic picnic area just south of Twin Mountain. Looking through binoculars, I observed an "odd-shaped" craft flashing multi-colored lights which traveled across the face of the Moon.

Because my sister had said she had seen a flying saucer several years earlier, I thought that must be what I was seeing as well. Through binoculars, Barney observed what he reasoned was a commercial airliner traveling toward Vermont on its way to Montreal. However, he soon changed his mind. Without turning like a regular aircraft would turn, the craft rapidly descended in our direction. This observation caused Barney to realize that this object was not a plane.

We continued driving on that quiet and isolated road, moving very slowly through Franconia Notch, in order to observe the object as it came even closer. At one point, the object passed above a restaurant and signal tower on top of Cannon Mountain and came out near the "Old Man of the Mountain". It was at least one and a half times the length of the granite cliff profile at forty feet long, and now we could see that the object appeared to be rotating. We watched as the silent, illuminated craft moved erratically and bounced back and forth in the night sky.

About one mile south of Indian Head, (now in Lincoln), the object rapidly descended toward their vehicle, causing Barney to stop in the middle of the highway. The huge, silent craft hovered about eighty to one hundred feet above our 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air and filled the entire field of view in the windshield. Barney said it reminded him of a huge pancake! Carrying his pistol in his pocket, he stepped away from the vehicle and moved closer to the object. Using the binoculars, Barney claimed to have seen eight to eleven humanoid figures, who were peering out of the craft's windows, seeming to look at him.

In unison, all but one figure moved to what appeared to be a panel on the rear wall of the hallway that encircled the front portion of the craft. The one remaining figure continued to look at Barney and communicated a message telling him to "stay where you are and keep looking." Barney had a recollection of observing the humanoid forms wearing glossy black uniforms and black caps. Red lights on what appeared to be bat-wing fins began to telescope out of the sides of the craft, and a long structure descended from the bottom of the craft. The silent craft approached to what Barney estimated was within fifty to eighty feet overhead and three hundred feet away from him.

Arriving home at about dawn, we had some odd sensations and impulses we could not readily explain. I insisted that the luggage be kept near the back door rather than in the main part of the house. Our watches never worked again. Barney said that the leather strap for the binoculars was torn, though he could not recall tearing it. The toes of his best dress shoes were scraped. Barney was compelled to examine his genitals in the bathroom, though he found nothing unusual. We took long showers to remove possible contamination and each drew a picture of what we had seen. Perplexed, we tried so hard to reconstruct the chronology of events from the time we saw the UFO and the time we drove home. But, immediately after we heard the buzzing sounds, our memories became incomplete and fragmented.

After sleeping for a few hours, I awoke and placed the shoes and clothing I had worn during the drive into my closet. I then noticed that the dress was torn at the hem, zipper and lining. When I later retrieved the items from my closet, I noted a pinkish powder on my dress. I hung the dress on my clothesline and the pink powder blew away, but the dress was irreparably damaged. I threw it away, but then changed my mind, retrieved it, and hung it in my closet. Over the years, five different laboratories have conducted chemical and forensic analyses on the dress.

There were shiny, concentric circles on the trunk of the car that had not been there the previous day. Barney and I experimented with a compass, noting that when we moved it close to the spots, the needle would whirl rapidly. But when we moved it a few inches away from the shiny spots, it would drop down.

Ten days after our UFO encounter, I began having a series of vivid dreams, which continued for five successive nights. I experienced them with a degree of detail and intensity that I had never had before. After the fifth night, they stopped and never recurred, though they occupied my thoughts during the day. When I mentioned them to Barney, he was sympathetic, but not too concerned, and the matter was dropped and I never mentioned them to him again.

On Oct. 21, 1961, Barney reported this incident to the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena and an investigator, Walter Webb, showed up to interview us. Barney told him that the beings were somehow "not human".

In November 1961, I decided to start writing down the details of my dreams. In one of my dreams, Barney and I encountered a roadblock with several men who surrounded our car. I lost consciousness, but I struggled to regain it. Then I realized that I was being forced by two small "men" to walk in a forest at night. Barney was walking behind me, but when I called to him, he seemed to be in a trance, or sleepwalking. These "men" stood about five feet to five feet four inches tall and wore matching blue uniforms, with caps similar to those worn by military cadets. They appeared nearly human, with black hair, dark eyes, prominent noses and bluish lips. Their skin was a greyish colour.

In the dream, Barney and I were taken to our car, where the leader suggested that we wait to watch the craft's departure. We did, and then resumed our drive home.

Later on, Barney was hypnotized by Dr. Benjamin Simons and reported that the binocular strap had broken when he ran from the UFO back to his car. He recalled driving the car away from the UFO, but afterward, he felt irresistibly compelled to pull off the road and drive into the woods. He eventually sighted six men standing on the dirt road. The car stalled and three of the men approached the car.

Barney described the beings as generally similar to my hypnotic recollection. He said the beings stared into his eyes with a terrifying, mesmerizing effect. Under hypnosis, Barney said, "Oh, those eyes. They are there in my brain." and "All I see are these eyes... I'm not even afraid that they're not connected to a body. They're just there... up close to me, pressing against my eyes."

While I was under hypnosis, I overheard a conversation with what I called the "leader" who spoke in English. Barney said that he heard them speaking in a mumbling sort of language he did not understand. I had also mentioned this detail under hypnosis. The few times they communicated with him, Barney said it seemed to be "thought transference"; at that time, he was unfamiliar with the word "telepathy".

During my hypnotic regression, there were some notable differences from my dreams. These mainly pertained to my capture and release, the technology on the craft, the physical appearance of the "men", and the sequential order of the abduction. Despite this, I and Barney's memories were consistent with one another.

Eventually, we went back to our regular lives, but were willing to discuss the encounter with friends, family and the occasional UFO researcher. We really didn't want any publicity, but after Barney died of a cerebral hemorrhage in February of 1969, at the young age 46, word spread and I reluctantly became something of a celebrity in the UFO community. Betty Hill

EDITOR'S NOTE: This was the very first documented case of Alien Abduction ever recorded. Betty died of cancer in 2004. She and Barney will be forever remembered. For additional commentary on the Betty and Barney Hill Abduction located in the US UFO Center Articles and Editorial Index, click here.Betty and Barney HillBetty and Barney Hill Abduction 1961

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