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05/22/2024 Litchfield, Arizona At approximately 9:18 PM, in a clear sky with the full moon in southeastern sky, we observed a bright white light. The object was high in northwest sky and had an aura, or halo surrounding it. It appeared to be...
Details Cont'd: descending toward the southeast. Object was moving in our direction, and two brighter aspects of halo had some motion within the surrounding halo around the central, brighter object.

The object then, within a minute, went mostly dark with a faint red glow, then immediately made a sharp, quick turn left towards compass north and increased speed briefly before then turning eastward in Northern Sky and resumed slower speed and disappeared traveling east at what still appeared to be high altitude, heading east. Witnesses are husband and wife, retirees, credible and both observed same identical incident. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lump

08/02/1993 Camelback, Arizona I was watching the planes come in over the airport when I watched two UFOs flying around one another with acrobatic, non-ballistic manuevers and one of them even dodged an incoming plane. Anonymous
Click the image to play the video clip.
Camelback Arizona UFOs 1993

11/05/1975 Turkey Springs and Heber, Arizona I and several other witnesses were driving slowly in our truck North on a rough dirt road after a full day of logging we were contracted to do for the government. As we were riding along, the group noticed a light...
Details Cont'd: moving slowly through the trees, and at first, we thought that it might be some deer hunters camped out up on the top of the higher ridge of the Mogollon Rim. But, as we got closer, I realized the light was coming from a point higher than ground level.

The light was white hot, like metal coming out of a blast furnace. It was so 'dense' that you really could not see the source of the light. As we rounded a bend of the logging road, we cleared the trees and then saw the source of the light clearly. The object, depicted in the image below, was less than one hundred feet way from our truck and was just hovering around the tree line.

I yelled for the driver to stop and I jumped out of the truck and quickly headed toward the object to stand under it and 'impress' the rest of the group. But, the closer I got to this craft, the more anxious I became and the others in the truck were screaming for me to come back to the vehicle.

The craft made very high frequency, mechanical 'metal on metal' as well as low 'rumbling' sounds which you feel in your body and was emitting a strange glow that painted all the brush around me in an odd color. The sounds seemed extend to the edge of human hearing, from lowest to highest, in both directions. I moved as close as I could, with the sound getting louder as I made my approach, but I was stopped by a pile of brush. Now, standing under the craft at about a 30-45 degree angle, the craft started to move, rising up with a 'rocking' motion, moving toward I and the rest of the group still in the truck. The power of the craft as well as the increasing sounds scared me so I jumped for cover behind a log. The group was frantic and screaming for me to get away from the object so I decided it was time to go! As I raised up and turned toward the truck to run back and rejoin the group, I felt this 'electric' shock go through my body and I blacked out.

Later, the crew in the truck testified to local law enforcement, passing several lie detector tests, that they had all witnessed a blast of energy come out of the bottom the craft and hit me so hard that it through me the air. As they watched me fly through the air and hit the ground several feet away they said my body fell limp and they thought that I was dead. They reportedly took off and left me there.

I later recalled about twenty minutes of my time on the ship, having awakened onboard the ship from my blackout. I found myself on a table with a bright light above me, which was very hard to look at in my condition and I was in a lot of pain. There was something laying on top of me. It was on my chest three to four inches thick lying across my chest.

My eyes were not focusing very well at first, but saw several figures standing around me which, at first, I thought to be doctors and that I was in a hospital. As my vision started to clear up a bit, I then saw that the beings standing around me were not human. The beings were a little under five feet in height, with a basic humanoid appearance. They were thin, puny, covered with whitish-gray, marshmallow-colored skin. Their small hands were delicate, without nails. They were totally bald and their heads were disproportionately large for their small bodies.

Walton UFO Light Beam Walton UFO Beings Walton UFO Drawing Walton UFO Being Eyes Walton UFO Hangar Walton UFO Humanoids
Well, at the sight of this, I became histerical! I was so weak, but still I managed to push one of them away from me and it fell back into one of the other beings standing there. I started yelling for them to stay away from me and I jumped up off of the table and the thing on my chest, which had a green glow about it, fell off into the floor. I then grabbed a tube of some kind that was lying nearby and started swinging it at the beings to keep them away and then they all just left the room. After a moment, I followed them out of the room and as they went to the right, I went to the left and ran down that passageway into another room.

In the next room, there seemed to be another door on the opposite side of the room and I made my way toward that door thinking that it might be a way out of the 'craft'. As I moved further into the room it got very dark and I could see the image of stars all around me. In the center of the room, there was a small chair which I swung around toward me. There were controls on it and I frantically started pushing buttons thinking that it might open the door in the room. Nothing really happened, but a lever on the panel seemed to shift the entire visage of the stars all around the room.

At that point, I looked around toward the doorway through which I had entered the room and there was what I took to be a man, wearing a blue jump suit with some kind of a 'helmet' on his head. I went over to him and started asking him all kinds of questions and to see if he could help me. He didn't answer and I thought it was because he couldn't hear, or speak to me through the helmet. The man indicated that he wanted me to go with him so I did so and he took me outside the craft.

I then found myself in a large, hangar-like room with other circular craft like the one I had just exited and there were panels of light built into the curved walls on either side of me. The 'man' escorted me quickly out of this room into other room with several others like him, except they were not wearing any 'helmets' so I started to try and talk to them, asking them where I was, etc. Again, there was no answer, but they led me over to a table and forced me to lie down where they put a mask of some kind over my face and I again lost conciousness.

The next thing I remember was waking up, face down on the side of a highway. I came to very quickly. It was cold and there was a light coming from above. I looked up to see where the light was coming from and for a few seconds, there in the darkness, I saw a shiny, curving hull with the appearance of polished chrome which suddenly shot straight up into the sky. The object moved so quickly that it disturbed the trees, but otherwise made no sound. I was very weak, but somehow got to my feet and was very 'wobbly'. I looked around and recognized that stretch of road and saw the lights coming from the town of Heber. With the last of my strength, I ran down into the town. Crossing two bridges I came to a service station where there was a row of telephone booths. At that time, you didn't need a coin to call the operator and I managed to have them call my family.

Travis Walton Heber Tire Phone Booths Travis Walton UFO Travis Walton Heber Tire Travis Walton Heber Tire Phone Booths Travis Walton Heber Tire Phone Booth Alien
Unknown to me at the time, the operator had listened in on the phone call and tipped off the local law enforcement. They dispatched Sheriff's Deputies who must have missed me by just a few seconds as my family got there first and took me home. At that time, I didn't realize how much time had gone by, but I had apparently been missing for five days and six hours. I was told that that a tremendous 'manhunt' had occurred with a search for my body during the previous four days which included some fifty men as well as helicopters, but I was just gone without a trace!

I recalled such a short period of time, I thought it was still the same night! I reached up and felt of my face and found that I had a full week's beard growth on my face. I then looked at my watch and found that the date had changed, and that's when it all hit me. I simply went catatonic at that stage!

In the aftermath, blood samples taken at the hospital revealed that I had gone without food and water all that time. In addtion, I was told that warnings from a registered nurse, as well as a retired CIA official who left his name and number, but have since been lost, were given to my family. The warnings were for them to be mindful as to who was able to 'get a hold of me' should I ever be returned.

Apparently, they were afraid that I might be 'disappeared' and that no one would ever see me again. However, my family thought it was yet another of several prank calls they had received over the several days of my absence and promptly dismissed it. Travis W.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The first set of images above are a series of drawings depicting what the logging crew observed. Another lie detector test was administered in 1993 for all six men involved with this incident. It was to determine the truthfulness of this report. All of them passed. And, it should be noted that a geiger counter showed that the hard hats of the men who were in the truck had an abnormally high radiation reading! Click Here for an even more in-depth account of the Walton Experience written by B.J. Booth.

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