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Welcome To
Pyramid Healing

By Stacey Allen McGee CGH, Teacher and Lecturer

"Pyramid Healing" is both the idea and the art of healing the body, the mind, and the spirit of an individual by utilizing universal energy, properly aligned and magnified by the geometric and sacred form of the pyramid and by the further amplification and correct manipulation of the energy utilizing naturally occurring minerals and crystals found on Earth, or brought here by meteors and asteroid impacts eons into the past.

Stacey Allen McGee performs this type of energy work for those seeking a healthier and happier life and offers workshops and lectures concerning his work in this intriguing field of research. Allen also believes that further examination and study of the utilization of this energy will greatly benefit the human race in its understanding of the human condition while improving the quality of life for humanity on all levels of existence.

Stacey Allen also builds and installs Meditation Pyramids made to order. Photographs of pyramids available along with pricing information will soon be available here for review so check back soon! If you would like to have a good quality pyramid on your property in which to meditate please contact Allen at for more information. Also, for more information about Healer, Teacher, and Lecturer, Stacey Allen McGee, please click on the "Autobiography" link located on the side menu of each page of this site.

Please Note:
Pyramid Energy is not a substitute for a trip to your doctor, or medical practitioner, but does offer exciting possibilities in both the realms of medicine and science.
Stacey Allen McGee, Pyramid Mysteries
P.O. Box 153, Unicoi, Tennessee 37692 USA
Telephone (423) 743-WALK (9255)

Please bookmark this site and check back often for new information updates, photo albums, and much more to come. Thank you for visiting. Hope to see you again soon!

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