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Welcome To The Autobiography Of
Stacey Allen McGee, CGH

Teacher and Lecturer

I began life in a small town that went by the same name as the material used to finish the Great Pyramid of Giza ~ Limestone, Tennessee. Even though it was considered a very small town at that time, and only somewhat larger today, growing up there until the age of seven was quite interesting as I had many strange and wonderful experiences.

My childhood hometown is located approximately 15-20 miles southwest of Johnson City, but I now live near historical Erwin as well as Jonesborough ~ Tennessee's oldest town, which is also the site of the International Storytelling Festival held the first week of every October.

I remember, for example, how a rainbow dropped down out of a dark and foreboding sky into our backyard. That was one time in my life that I felt as if I could actually put my hands on the proverbial "pot of gold".

Most of my childhood was spent in discovery of the world around me from the perspective of meek and humble beginnings. Our family never had much money so searching for the value of those things found readily in the natural world became second nature.

My curiosities quickly grew into a passionate and enduring love for Science, specifically in the areas of Astronomy, Cosmology, and Climatology. I even developed a taste for Archaeology as my research concerning the ancient world grew. My endeavors for truth and understanding of the ages past seemed to offer more and more evidence in support of my conclusions and convictions that the people's of the past truly were more enlightened than we often give them credit.

Further investigation of ancient civilizations compelled me to go further into the past. All the way back to the origins of the Great Pyramid itself. This journey turned out to be more than just a history lesson. It was an evolution of the mind, heart, and spirit and the process revealed as much about myself as it did of those who - I believe - may have built the one remaining wonder of the ancient world. I elaborate further on my convictions and my research discoveries within the confines of my public appearances and lectures.

In high school I excelled in the areas of Science and Music, having a keen mind for "perceptual science", as stated by my Physics and Chemistry teachers. Put more simply, I could picture how the Universe appeared to work in my head, but could not easily transpose the imagery into the language of Mathematics.

After high school I attended a community college for Airline Travel and Tourism, following after my love of adventure and travel rather than my affinity for Science. It was just before leaving to attend school in 1ate 1988 that I purchased my first pyramid formed from lead crystal. I remember feeling quite inexplicably drawn to it.

The years passed and I continued my self-paced investigation and study into each of my various interests. My love for travel caused me to find myself become an avid collector of pyramids, regardless of the size, or the substance from which they were made. Each time I would go away, without regard as to where my travels would lead, I would always make a valiant attempt to locate and acquire a new Pyramid as my keepsake for that particular adventure.

During the past few years, my obsession with Pyramids has grown to include the building of Pyramids, in which one can perform both meditation and affirmation. In addtion, I created this website to better convey my research and findings, and thereby sharing my insights and personal conclusions on this fascinating field of research, not to mention what these discoveries could mean for mankind and our planet.

Recently, I have begun strengthening the areas of Algebra and Geometry to better understand and communicate the information I bring to audiences everywhere concerning my work with the science, technology, and mysterious history of both the Egyptian civilization as well as other ancient cultures.

Now, I offer to bring my startling findings to conferences near and abroad to thrill conference goers with the knowledge I have gained during years of research and passionate interest. The contents of my lectures will take the listener from today's era of technology far into the past on an incredible adventure of exploration, returning them safely to the present with food for thought as to what the information presented may represent for our future.

The compelling information on which my lectures will elaborate, aided by a fantastic audio/video presentation, will leave any conference goer asking questions as to the very origins of the Human Race.

Personal Contact Information
If you would like more information, or would like to
schedule an appearance please contact me at:
Stacey Allen McGee, Pyramid Mysteries
P.O. Box 153, Unicoi, Tennessee 37692 USA
Telephone (423) 743-WALK (9255)

Please bookmark this site and check back often for new information updates, photo albums, and much more to come. Thank you for visiting. Hope to see you again soon!

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