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North American Bigfoot Reports

Welcome to American Bigfoot Information and Research Center Hope page where you can report Bigfoot experiences and learn more about the illusive North American Sasquatch.

We have informative Bigfoot Articles and Editorial as well as an online form to safely and securely report close encounters with the creature. Click Here to report your Bigfoot Experience now. We also offer hands-on learning opportunities for groups of all ages with North America's 1st ongoing Bigfoot Adventure Tour which began production in February of 1994. Through this tour as well as our Bigfoot Expedition Tours Appalachian GhostWalks Ghost, History, UFO, and Bigfoot Adventure Tours disseminates information from investigations both locally around our region of Southern Appalachia as well as Nationally across the country.

Take A Bigfoot Adventure Vacation
Including the 1st American Bigfoot Adventure Tour!

Come experience and explore America's First Western Frontier with our "Spook and Save" multi-day vacation packages designed to save you money on your next couples getaway, family vacation, or group outing. Choose from one to nine days of fully planned vacation itineraries packed with everything from rafting, to horseback riding, carriage rides, visits to local history museums and real Victorian mansions,
Ghost Toursas well as our region's most haunted State historic sites and landmarks... and that's just getting started! We custom design the perfect vacation based on your interests and desires with more than twenty years of experience in the Travel Industry and strive to exceed our guests expectations. Be sure to visit our Customer Feedback page to see what previous guests have said of their visit...
All of our confirmed guests receive discounts on their accommodations with any confirmed evening tour, full day, or multi-day vacation package reservation. These include haunted and historic bed and breakfasts, inns, and family hotels with all the amenities. Be sure to visit our Area Accommodations page to view a list of choices available. Then, just let us know which accommodation provider is your preference when you call for tour reservations and we'll take care of all the arrangements...

Call (423) 743-WALK (9255) for "Spook and Save" Reservation Discounts
Appalachian GhostWalks Virginia and Tennessee Ghost Tour Operating ScheduleVisit the "Spook and Save" Haunted Vacations page of our site and fill out the vacation information request form, or call for further information and reservations... and start planning for an unforgettable experience
you will treasure for a lifetime!!!
Spook and Save Discount Haunted Vacation Planning Packages
Click here for our Virginia and Tennessee ghost and history tour operating schedule...
Appalachian GhostWalks Haunted Vacation Getaway Give Away - Annual prize awarded the week of Halloween - Free to enter - Click to register to win

Ghost Bigfoot UFO Paranormal Expeditions
Appalachian GhostWalks UFO ToursAppalachian GhostWalks invites you, your family and friends, or tour group to come and explore the mysteries of our mountain heritage. In addition to our many historic and authentically haunted hotspots, a variety of paranormal experiences and encounters have been documented throughout the mountainous regions of Southern Appalachia since February 1994.
The follow-up research and documentation of these unexplained and often astounding experiences were originally presented within the pages of SkyWatch: The Experience" and "SkyWatch: The Encounters Report" later to become known as "The American UFO Journal", all of which were orginial transcript publications of UFO sightings and other worldly encounters as reported to the center by way of the "UFO Sightings and Information Hotline" as well as The ARC's "Extraordinary Experience Case Submission and Documentation Form". The most interesting and well documented cases of unexplained aerial phenomena have now been correlated to present a world's first - The Appalachian UFO Close Encounters Expedition" TM. Designed to thrill and amaze believers and skeptics alike, the research and investigation of the many strange encounters our guests hear
about was performed by the cooperative efforts of the American Bigfoot and United States UFO Information and Research Centers as well as The ARC, or Alternate Realities Center. Your Appalachian GhostWalks' Mountain MysteriesTM Adventure Guide will weave together a chilling story of the first-hand, eye witness accounts and extraoridinary experiences within our mountain communities for a exciting, fun-filled family adventure.Appalachian GhostWalks' Bigfoot Tours

Ghost Tours | Bigfoot Tours | UFO Tours | "Paranormal Expeditions"TM


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Appalachian Ghostwalks Virginia and Tennessee Ghost and History Tour Location Guide and Map
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Take a Haunted Vacation!

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******* Everyone is invited back to the American Bigfoot Information and Research Center offers Bigfoot enthusiasts a chance to report read and discuss North American Bigfoot sightings or North American Bigfoot encounters in North America specific to Bigfoot in North America aka Sasquatch in North America and allowing the eyewitness details of Bigfoot Sightings in North America to appear with the latest North American Bigfoot sightings experiences and encounters to appear in the order they are recieved and word for word of what the witnesses and experiencers report without comentary or idle reflection allowing the reader to hear first hand accounts of this information as it is received by the American Bigfoot Information and Research Center which is a division of the Alternate Realities Center located in Northeast Tennessee..... This North American Bigfoot reporting resource for North America and visitors may use it to report Bigfoot sightings and encounters including the AL Bigfoot, AK Bigfoot, AZ Bigfoot, AR Bigfoot, CA Bigfoot, CO Bigfoot, CT Bigfoot, DE Bigfoot, FL Bigfoot, GA Bigfoot, HI Bigfoot, ID Bigfoot, IL Bigfoot, IN Bigfoot, IA Bigfoot, KS Bigfoot, KY Bigfoot, LA Bigfoot, ME Bigfoot, MD Bigfoot, MA Bigfoot, MI Bigfoot, MN Bigfoot, MS Bigfoot, MO Bigfoot, MT Bigfoot, NE Bigfoot, NV Bigfoot, NH Bigfoot, NJ Bigfoot, NM Bigfoot, NY Bigfoot, NC Bigfoot, ND Bigfoot, OH Bigfoot, OK Bigfoot, OR Bigfoot, PA Bigfoot, RI Bigfoot, SC Bigfoot, SD Bigfoot, TN Bigfoot, TX Bigfoot, UT Bigfoot, VT Bigfoot, VA Bigfoot, WA Bigfoot, WV Bigfoot, WI Bigfoot, WY Bigfoot, DC Bigfoot, PR Bigfoot, DC Bigfoot, BC Bigfoot, and the VI Bigfoot..... Our North American Bigfoot Adventure Tours are open to all residents of North America including Alabama Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Alaska Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Arizona Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Arkansas Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; California Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Colorado Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Connecticut Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Delaware Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Florida Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Georgia Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Hawaii Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Idaho Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Illinois Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Indiana Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Iowa Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Kansas Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Kentucky Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Louisiana Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Maine Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Maryland Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Massachusetts Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Michigan Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Minnesota Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Mississippi Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Missouri Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Montana Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Nebraska Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Nevada Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; New Hampshire Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; New Jersey Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; New Mexico Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; New York Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; North Carolina Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; North Dakota Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Ohio Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Oklahoma Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Oregon Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Pennsylvania Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Puerto Rico Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Rhode Island Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; South Carolina Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Tennessee Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Texas Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Utah Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Vermont Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Virgin Island Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Virginia Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Washington DC Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Washington Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; West Virginia Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; Wisconsin Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages; and Wyoming Bigfoot Adventure Tours Packages..... Thank you for visiting the American Bigfoot Information and Research Center Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters Reporting page for Nationwide Bigfoot Sighting Reporting and Resources!!!!! *******
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