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Welcome to the United States UFO Information and Research CenterTM, founded in February of 1994. The US UFO Center is a Membership, or member supported initiative designed to provide support, structure and an information base to unify local grassroots efforts in scientific research of the UFO phenomenon, not only within the continental United States, but worldwide. Privately funded, we are geared toward and dedicated to truth and the dissemination of that information in the ongoing research and investigation into both the fields of UFOlogy as well as other unexplained, or "paranormal" phenomena of scientific concern.

The US UFO Center is represented by field investigators near and abroad and actively investigate a wide range of phenomena. In the investigation of the controversial subject of UFOs, otherwise known as "Unidentified Flying Objects", we have recently adopted the acronyms OWV - Off World Vehicles, and OWC - Off World Craft to differentiate between what is thought to be true "extraterrestrial" flying objects and what are actually covert, black-ops aircraft being tested and flown in our skies overhead. The center also incorporates in its research the study of Alien Abduction and Contact with Extra and "Ultra" terrestrial beings, also referred to as "UFOnauts" by the late J. Allen Hynek, former military Director of "Project Blue Book" who later went on to start the "Center of UFO Studies".


However, yet another fairly new term currently under investigation, and with new articles forthcoming to appear in short order on the United State UFO Information and Research Center website, is "USO" or "Unidentified Submersible Objects". This is a subject which has gained in popularity and public curiosity tremendously over the past several years and is an enigma which deserves immediate attention from the scientific community worldwide.

The Center does not have any bias for or against the notion that contact with a nonhuman intelligence may be under way. Its bias is toward objectivity and its goal is to accurately record and report information in an attempt to answer all questions regarding these enigma.

However, a powerful prejudice has evolved within the culture of science against any serious research into these areas of study and investigation. Without clear direction and a credible source of funding, genuine scientific progress will be impossible. The Research Center intends to work against this prejudice by educating scientists in the fact that there is a serious problem to be solved, there are interesting and useful discoveries to be made, and an obligation to replace public confusion with objective knowledge.

The US UFO Center is member supported with membership world wide. The Center sponsors many smaller groups that network together to keep the Research Center supplied with a steady flow of information. The largest of these is the Southern Appalachia UFO Network, or SAUN consisting of members from the mountains of Tennessee, Virginia, Western North Carolina.

These folks engaged in a variety of organizational activities. Sponsored by US UFO Center, SAUN hosts organized local area skywatches, monthly network meetings, and an annual outdoor conference along with public awareness seminars, and assists with UFO field investigations. Be sure to Email Us if you would like to join our mailing list to stay posted on future website updates as well as news and information about UFO organization and network events!
The US UFO Center currently acts as a sponsor for many smaller groups who, while networking together with us to provide a constant flow of information, have begun their own endeavors to unravel the mysterious happenings in the communities where they live. There are many hundreds of people involved in local skywatches, area group meetings, personal and privately funded research, and field investigations networking through an international effort to unravel at least part of the human, and probably not so human mystery behind this intriguing enigma.

If you desire to start an investigative committee in your area, let us know of your interest. We can help start you on a path of both internal and external self-discovery you may find filled with both surprise and wonder. The truths you uncover hiding in your local area may shock and amaze you! We challenge you to open that door, discover the mysteries that lie in waiting, and to report back to us concerning your findings with our Sightings and Paranormal Experience Case Form accessible from our Main Website Directory. We will then make the information available to benefit the whole of humanity through our online publications and newsletters!

The vision of the United States UFO Information and Research Center was adopted when the US UFO Center was founded in 1994... "People helping people to find The Truth". This resounding statement been further defined to include a clearer representation of The Alternate Realities Center as well as the United States UFO Information and Research Center's purpose and goals. These were founded with the same hope and determination of our country's forefathers. They knew it was essential to create a place where the freedom to pursue the Truth, whatever we conceive it to be, could be the guiding influence of both its government and its people...

Please click the Next Page button below for additional information including the US UFO Center Organization Mission Statement...

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