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US UFO Center Introduction and History

Thirty Years of UFO Research

Founded in February of 1994, the United States UFO Information and Research Center is a Member Supported initiative designed to provide support and structure as well as an information base to unify grassroots efforts in scientific research of the UFO phenomenon on local, national, and global levels. Privately funded and represented by field investigators near and abroad who actively investigate a wide range of phenomena, the organization is dedicated to discovering and disseminating true accounts and factual information from the ongoing research and investigation into the study of UFOs, as well as other unexplained, or "paranormal" phenomena classified as enigmatic, yet of scientific concern.

In the investigation of the now not so controversial subject of "Unidentified Flying Objects" commonly referred to as UFOs, other acronyms such as UAP or "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena", OWV or "Off World Vehicles", and OWC or "Off World Craft" to differentiate between what is thought to be true "extraterrestrial" flying objects and what are actually covert, black-ops aircraft being tested and flown in our skies overhead. The center also incorporates in its research the study of Alien Abduction and Contact with Extra and "Ultra" terrestrial beings, also referred to as "UFOnauts" by the late J. Allen Hynek, former military Director of "Project Blue Book" who later went on to start the "Center for UFO Studies" (CUFOS) in Chicago, Illinois.

Lyrian UFO

The primary purpose of the United States UFO Information and Research Center is to provide historical information on the subject of UFOs as well as all associated phenomena and to provide mental and emotional support for individuals who have experienced incidents of high strangeness related to these and other close encounters. - Stacey Allen McGee, Founder and Director

Hundreds of UFO Photographs

However, yet another fairly new term currently under investigation, and with new articles forthcoming to appear in short order on the United State UFO Information and Research Center website, is "USO" or "Unidentified Submersible Objects". This is a subject which has gained in popularity and public curiosity tremendously over the past several years and is an enigma which deserves immediate attention from the global scientific community.

UFO Over Water

The Center does not have any bias for or against the notion that contact with a nonhuman intelligence may be under way. Its bias is toward objectivity and its goal is to accurately record and report information in an attempt to answer some if not all of the vast amount questions regarding the UFO phenomenon.

However, a powerful prejudice has evolved within the culture of science against any serious research into these areas of study and investigation. Without clear direction and a credible source of funding, genuine scientific progress will be impossible. The Research Center intends to work against this prejudice by educating scientists in the fact that there is a serious problem to be solved, there are interesting and useful discoveries to be made, and an obligation to replace public confusion with objective knowledge.

Gleaming UFO

The US UFO Center Vision Statement was adopted in February of 1994... "People helping people to find The Truth", established with the same hope and determination of our country's forefathers. They knew it was essential to create a place where the freedom to pursue the Truth, whatever we conceive it to be, could be the guiding influence of both its government and its people...

The mission of the United States UFO Information and Research Center is to systematically collect and analyze data on UFO and Paranormal Phenomena with the ultimate goal being the attainment of a stronger identity of who and what humanity is and represents that we might chance to understand our purpose and place in the cosmic community of sentient beings living in this Universe and other Dimensions and/or planes of existence and our efforts shall be concentrated on furthering the conscious awareness of mankind to the realization that we are not alone in an attempt to define the origins and nature of UFO and Paranormal phenomena worldwide."

Spinning UFO

US UFO Center Research Goals and Objectives

  • Provide support for individuals who have had extraoridnary experiences.
  • Encourage the development of local discussion and support groups.
  • Provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas on advanced technology.
  • Diversify, encourage and share public research in the related fields.
  • Utilize all social media in posting UFO information into public domain.
The USUFOIRC believes a brighter future for humanity entails a deeper understanding of the UFO enigma and related paranormal phenomena. It is believed that the underlying truths behind the veil of secrecy in which these mysteries lie shrouded in obscurity, hold profound meaning and represent resounding ramifications for the future of mankind and our planet.

Based in mountains of East Tennessee, the US UFO Center functions as a central hub for reporting and obtaining information on UFO and paranormal phenomena. Associate Members with a variety of interests and training organize local groups and help to accomplish the necessary field work in determining the validity of sightings and reports. These volunteer committees are made up of people from many different age groups, educational and cultural backgrounds, and include both die hard believers and skeptics alike.

Flying Saucer
The latest research discoveries indicate that Unidentified Flying Objects have been seen for centuries through Native American pictograms, ancient writings and other archaeological finds. Research by some scientists in the fields of human evolution has uncovered genetic anomalies in the human makeup that do not seem to coincide with any reasonable explanations other than the possibility of outside genetic manipulation over a period of several millennia.

Sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena have been occurring on a regular basis in some parts of the world for eons and in some cases the unexplained happenings are witnessed by hundreds of credible people. Additionally, there is an enormous amount of data related to UFO sightings, alien contact, and close encounters of the very unusual kind and this information can generally be found on the internet. In today's modern era of technology, the resources now available online basically represent the sum total of current human knowledge.

Bob Lazar Sport Model

The "Case Submission and Documentation Form" is just one of our many public awareness projects. This form now provides at least one more tool necessary to properly classify and document both UFO as well as other paranormal activity in the area where you live and right from the comfort of your own home and without even picking up a telephone. You are the eyes and ears of all interested parties around the world and we feel it is an honor to serve you!

Report Your Extraordinary Experience

As with all scientific study, colaboration and communication is the key to unlocking many of the paranormal mysteries of our day. Networking around the globe allows us to combine mutual knowledge and experience with people many different countries as well as promote cooperation with the many various research organizations presently in existence. The Center believes that the exchange of knowledge and experience is essential to achieving progress in UFOlogy.

Flying Saucer
The US UFO Center strives to provide sustenance for the mind and the spirit, so if you're hungry to know more, we would like to invite you to become involved with the evolution of consciousness concerning the undeniable and indisputable evidence. Click Here for a more comprehensive and up-to-date look at the UFO phenomenon to include history, photos, and references.

With so many reports of extraordinary experiences from many different cultures and all walks of life, the conclusion is inevitable! Humanity is but one voice in a chorus, and we invite each of you to come and Sing With Us! Join us as we continue to spiral upwards towards our goal of self, global, and universal realization that we, as a species, are not alone. We hope that you will make it a point to keep your eyes open and on the skies. If you would like full details about becoming a member of this fast growing community of cosmic citizens simply click inside the box below. Wishing everyone "CLEAR SKIES AND HAPPY STARGAZING!"

U.S. UFO Center Membership & Support

Happy UFO Skywatching

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